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                TO THEE


Sitting with satin sheets folded on your lap,


   Dark hair dangling shoulder length,


For sure our marriage was no mishap,


   The fitness of your beauty, its strength.



We quaff the silken peddles of loves flowers,


   And voyage to a distant land,


Love making by the hours,


   See how stiff you make me stand.



Inspired by your mettle:  mind and body strong,


   The following of the moral path,


The way you lambaste wrong,


   "So shall we take a bath?"




With you my restless soul find peace,


   Loves mantra do I freely say,


No need for fear of being fleeced,


   You know loves proper way.



"Arise my dear, the water's warm,


   The bubbles last but just a while,


Our youth is but a passing storm.


    You're so pretty when you smile,


Your nakedness has me beguiled." 








Oh how I do love you, let me recount the ways,


   And whys and whats such love entails:


I love you with thoughts all the day,


   And with each deed and all of lifes details;


I love you best when in my arms you lay,


   And unto Venus we devoutly pray;


I'll love you thus till layed beneath the clay.




I love you cause your beauty's fine,


   And cause you detest wrong


And cause your purity's divine;


I love you cause your will is strong


To be my loving guide life long,


And cause of these and other signs


I know the gods to us assign


That we shall selfless love combine.







I hope my flavors please;

Ive written many themes

So surely some of these

Will make your smile beam

Others will make you steam.







When trouble test, my mettle try,


I love my wife who will stand by.


For there is nothing she can do


The situation we both rue


And from which we cannot flee


The thing is strictly up to me.


For there are troubles all my own,


And paths that I must trudge alone;


When loves help cannot smooth the road,


Nor teamwork lifts the heavy load.


She'll stand by me until the end;


For her commitment will not bend,


Whose sympathy through all endures,


Of her support I am assured.


Though to my fate I must resign,


Her warm embrace is always mine.


It helps some way to pull me through,


Although theres nothing she can do


And so with fervent heart I cry


God bless the wife who just stands by!

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