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THE TWO BROTHERS: Christian vs. Scientist

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Dear brother, my Bonze-Age faith you do decry,

but there are proofs, you old gadfly.

You've gone to college, got graduate degrees,

and so to me you spout some science theories;

you think that you've got all the answers:

you know of quarks, and genes, and cancer.

But you can't explain the many Bible miracle,

or God the first cause, as proven by Aristotle:

that there must be a beginning to matter and time;

thus it all begins with the uncaused, the Devine!

And whence comes the moral light?

The days you work at science hokum,

and at nights the ladies pokum.

Those lusty sins and skeptic prattle;

I fear that for your soul, I've lost the battle.

Brother, you know of Christ's proclamation;

salvation through faith, or eternal damnation!



Your minds the Sargasso Sea:

Christ's salvation, some guarantee!

Your blue eyes are brighter than your mind,

the Bible crap has made you logic blind.

The Psalms you read is stupid stuff:

haven't the Christians and Jews endured enough?

How can this be if your God's supreme?

The graveyards full, the horse is dead

be more concerned with what youre fed.

The tunes you play are missing notes

of that which science and logic doth promote.

Oh what a joke! the silly struggle with self-denial

to help you pass Gods final trial.

Well, I wish faith could make heaven so,

but in the ground is where we go.

Well, dear brother, tallyho.


Brother, please come with me

to church and get the devil out of thee.

You know, I say for thee

every day 100 Hail Marys.