Alternative Medicine, its benefits
Alternative Medicine, its benefits
High fiber diet
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Vitamin usage and illness
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On what I do and alternative medicine


The dose makes the poison—Paracelsus (c 1535)

In a quiet moment contemplating illness, I think of prevention—Louis Pasteur

Drugs are what you take when you wait for your body to heal—Oliver Wendel Holmes Sr.

If you take all the medicina and threw them in the ocean it would be better for mankind and worse for the fishes—Oliver Wendel Holmes Sr

There is a fundamental conflict between profits and healthcare--MarciaAngell


Alternative medicine better than today’s corporate medicine

I live what I recommend--insights:


At 78 years 2021, I am drug free—run average of 80 miles a month, lift weights daily and swim a half mile about 100 days a year. 

1) I take natural steroids.  Since 2003 I have been taking sublingually DHEA and a lotion 2.5 grams with 10% testosterone (15% since 2010) from a compounding pharmacy.  Androgel is too low a dose, and has 6 added chemicals in the patch.

2) Since 2014 my average sugar intake to under 4 teaspoons a day (16 grams).  Fructose is the very reactive sugar, the main cause by far of conditions associated with the western diet.[1] 

3), I maximize the consumption of saturated fats and limit polyunsaturated fats which become rancid in cells

4) I eat a low carb diet, averaging on 30 grams of digestible carbs per meal

5) Intermittent fasting skipping one meal a day, and a couple of times a year a 5 day under 800 calories fast. 

6) I take daily antioxidants, Vitamins  C, & E, and CoQ10 high doses, and I take a 325 mg of uncoated aspirin.  The antioxidants since2011, and the aspirin since1993. has information thereon.

Take better care of your body than your car, please.


Pharma and thus the medical field unfairly criticizes alternative medicine.  Given my 18 years of intensive study of medicine and health related targets, I find often that alternative medicine is preferrable to the clinical guidelines that dictate the practice of medicine.  The 18-years is a far longer than physicians spend in studies, and my background in science and philosophy (11-years of university classes) makes me a far less likely to be duped by the tobacco science generated by the illness care industries and food manufactures. 

Doctors have become good soldiers for the Illness industries.  It is part of the corporate remake of illness care.  As Marica Angell (Harvard) has said, there is a fundamental conflict between profits and healthcare.  See her on YouTube.  Learn about what Pharma doesn’t teach, sell positive treatments while promoting illness is their business mode.  What I call tobacco ethics, which depends upon tobacco science, regulatory capture.  Pharma  instills a faith in drugs:  in the public to be pill poppers who go to their physicians who are a pill pusher.  Pregnant women should smoke because it helps them relax, and the physician will walk a mile to smoke a Camel—two claims that cigarettes are good for your health, and the second is made on radio by physicians. 

To learn about what pharma doesn’t teach because it doesn’t fit their fiduciary model .

[1] US average 20% of calories from sugar, including fruit sources, which is 20% of calories with half more.  Fructose bonds to proteins, DNA, mtDNA, unsaturated fats, etc. It is over 100 times more reactive than glucose, because of its in-cell conversion to reactive chemical once bonded to a substrate.

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Alternative medicine is like religion: faith, spurious claims, and damn the best reasoned conclusion.