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Video Page. description of 500 documentaries with links

I now have switched to a 20 foot HDMI cable ran from my laptop to the HDMI on the television. Both of my Google Chrome stopped working--PROBABLY MORE PROGRAMMING DONE IN INDIA. I SIMPLY GAVE UP AFTER 3 CALLS TO GOOGLE CHROMECAST HELP LINE. FAILED ON BOTH LAPTOP AND DSKTOP-- WOULDN'T LOAD FAST ENOGH. WORKS EXCELLENT WITH THE HDMI CABLE. I have a top of the line stereo hooked up to the television. This method allows my family to watch documentaries and lectures in a theater setting

YouTube VIDEOS: (+500 video links)  5/13/18    ***** outstanding quality/entertainment       § two locations    /rg.id4

Have your family watch these documentaries on your television by using a device such as Google Chromecast to send it from your computer to your TV attached to the stereo.  I currently use a 20 foot HDMI cable attached to my laptop

1A.  Bad regulators, bad pharm  1B.  Bad Medicine, bad advice     2A.  Dieting, sugar, carbs, fats --  2B, Fasting  -- 2C Ketogenic Diet --  3.  Diabetes and insulin resistance  --  4.  Cancer and Starve Cancer  --  5.  Alzheimer’s, neurodegenerative diseases, salubrious ketone bodies (diet)  --  6.  Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and the cholesterol–fat myth  --  7.  Psychiatric drugs and psychiatry  --  7b  Neuroscience and conditioning  --  8.  Healthful drugs opposed by pharma  --  9.  Health Issues  --  10.  Health-biological science  --  11.  Chiropractics and alternative medicine  --  12.  GMOs  --  13.  Commercial farming, regulatory capture of FDA, organic?  --  14.  Science topics

Abbreviations:  KOL key opinion leader, all are hack for pharma with talking points;

CVD cardiovascular disease, also called coronary heart disease, caused by the high fructose diet.   

MeS metabolic syndrome,       t2d type 2 diabetes


journal articles confirmation, the overflow.  Expert advice is yet another example of promoting profits by scientists for hire, these key opinion leaders, the KOLs get it consistent wrong by promoting industry’s talking points.  You’d be surprised at how many accepted as fact beliefs about health and medications have been cooked-up to maximize profits.  There is a mountain of journal articles exposing the flaws, and below are the best of the documentaries and lectures exposing the corruption.  As Harvard Prof. Marcia Angell says, “the 800 pound gorilla can do anything it wants.”    

***** President’s Lecture Series 2009-2010, 78 min, 27,600 views, U. Montana  MD. Marcia Angell PhD Harvard, based on her best-selling, “The Truth About Drug Companies and how they deceive us”.   Her lecture with slides is an example of clarity, organization, and logic; uses examples to illustrate points on how pharma, deceives the public, “educates” doctors, and influences regulators.  The evidence proves that the information and regulatory systems are broken  Highly recommended

***** Everything wrong with the “System” (Educate yourself) 13 min, 309,000 views, What I’ve learned, first quality video, this one in the series is on the business manipulated information system and why we must do due diligence. As professor Ben Goldacre says, “The devil is in the details.” Quality, college level, for one familiar with basic diet terms foundation WATCH 

§***** Making a Killing, the Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugs 95 min 669,000 views, on how psychiatrists have become drug pushers all major aspects.  Starts with senseless killings and suicides, leads into drug approval, the highly addictive drugs, pseudo testing of the drugs, inventions of mental illness, and how pharma hooked up with Am. Psychiatry Assoc. to turn doctors into willing pill pushers.  Weak on science; missed that all these drugs are tranquilizers, given other labels for sales, & they are worse long-term than nothing at all.  They pass FDA approval because they increase sleep, which is 15% of its “benefits” under Hamilton Rating Scale.  This is a blue print on how pharma markets all classes of drugs,  Excellent

*****Big Pharma:  Marketing Disease and Pushing Drugs 73 min, 100,000 about 2006, excellent on use of marketing, brief interviews and ads, but weak on quality of video,  Excellent

*****Exposing big pharma as organized crime 8 min, 175,000 views, Prof. Peter Gotzsche MD, lead European research and co-founder of Cochrane Review, how has gone public about the how pharma corrupts all aspects of health care (see his books), the best of all critics at  Excellent

Money Talks, Profits before Patient Safety 49 min, 8.000 views, documentary in format like 60 Minutes, on bad pharma, testimonial, weak on science, pharma’s biased clinical trials and journal articles, regulatory capture, and junk drugs. Complete entertaining, good

***** The information architecture of medicine, 15 min, 7,000 views, Dr. Ben Goldacre Prof, London University School of Medicine, leader in the movement to put science back in medicine, both videos are on missing data and how it perverts treatment decisions causing harm, his book Bad Pharma covers much more.   what doctors don’t know missing data, 13 min, 444,000 views, TED-X lecture, same topic  important message

How We Have Been Lied to by Big Pharma, 53 min, 1,400 Dr. Jason Fung; evidence based lecture; would benefit from Gotzsche, Angell & Goldacre  good


*****NPA Annual Conference 2011 Marcia Angell, 47 min, 335 views; lecture is of first quality; at the age of 72, she still stands above others.  She explains the existence of a fire wall wherein University professors ran trials to answer important scientific questions free of pharma controls, but in 1984 a Reagan shift began: thus major bias is the norm.  Poor audio quality, excellent

Doing Good or doing Well?  Ethics in the Pharmaceutical Industry, 99 min, 4,500 views Harvard Prof. Marcia Angell, Brown U. on corruption worked by the system whose measure is the maximization of profits.  Dr. Mary Reuters, an industry advocate, gave the second talk.  She didn’t respond to Angell’s points, but used industry funded studies to “prove” their responsibility, interesting    

1B  Bad Medicine, Bad Advice (more in #s 8, 9, & 10)

***** Get your love ones off Statins, 14, min, 5,000 views.  How pharma creates a condition and then markets it:  uses statins as the main example, of creates the condition hypercholesterolemia then markets the fix.  Investigate reporting present for a wide audience, quality production  Excellent

****How the Cancer Industry Deceives You with Cancer Drugs: 87 minutes, 69,000 views, quality documentary for a wide audience, also covers the role of FDA and the results of regulatory capture. How industry is into treating not curing, & how promising treatments are blocked for profits  Very good    

Tamiflu 20 min 1,900 views, Australian Broadcast Corporation, on the multi-billion dollar anti-viral scam of stockpiled drug to fight the possible avian flu pandemic; only it is both useless and dangerous.  Tamiflu has been injected into hundreds of millions of cold suffers on the possibility of influenza.  Shows how broken the information and regulatory systems are around the world.  A window on the world of pharma, doctors, and governments in our corporatist world excellent 


The calcium story, 51, min,  49,000 views, Dr. Jason Fung, goes over the setting up of the dietary amount recommended, and it is contrary 3 times the amount that populations for which osteoporosis is exceedingly rare.  Moreover, supplements are associated with atherosclerosis through calcium deposits in the arteries.  He lets the research do the talking very logical lecture. Very good        

Dietary Villians – Prt 2:  Salt Scare, 30 min, 40,000 view, Dr Jason Fung, goes over the evidence for t he  dietary recommendation to lower salt.  Similar to the previous, a lecture in which the evidence does the arguing. Another example of useless advice Very Good

Salt:  Are you getting enough? 13 min, 65,000 views 9/17, 65,000 views, What I’ve Learned; the historical use was much higher because of food preservation; we urinate the excess away.  With US guidelines for salt we have a higher mortality rate than taking 6 times that amount. He misses the little effect that it has on blood pressure, see Dr. Fung directly above. very good  

The Silent Epidemic:  The Untold Stories of Vaccines 108 min, 518,000 views, points out how pharma promotes vaccines, many of low efficacy and all of questionable safety because we are injecting foreign substance that have not meaningfully been tested for safety or purity.  But the claims of harm done are too often based on weak science and a temporal relationship.  Good video and sound, worth watching  very good   

Too much Medicine 28, min, 9,900 views, ABCTV, Catalyst series, Dr. Demasi, starts with mammograms and over diagnosis, thus harm through unnecessary treatment, covers most major issues such as polypharmacy, guidelines, etc. a good start on a complex topic very good

Note:  The large number of professors and doctors who have come forward to criticize pharma’s tobacco ethics which generates tobacco science to market drugs most of which aren’t worth their side effect.  Many of these drugs are causal for other chronic conditions such as dementia, cardiovascular disease, colitis…  A chorus of academic critics has convincing evidence which can be found in peer review journal articles, a sample of which is at /rep and some more /rjk--list of their books, and why doctors give Junk treatments.

I recommend that you cast the videos onto the television and view them with friends and family in the comfort of the living rom.  I use a 20 foot HDMI cable, and the audio is played on a surround sound system. Chromecast works, both of mine quit at < 2 yrs.


2A.   DIETING, SUGAR CARBS, FATS; 2B Fasting, 2C ketogenic Diet (Very low carbs). #3 fasting for curing/preventing diabetes in, and for  #4 starving cancer  Links to articles at  library of topics, diet and food journal articles, basic science, more journal science, non-technical, testimonials   Dieticians & doctors are taught by industry.  A chorus of critics is exposing the misinformation and the real problem is insulin resistance which is reversed by ketogenic diet with fasting.  Fructose in excess is a poison to the liver that causes insulin resistance. 

***** Why We Get Fat 3 min, 1,455,000 views, clips from movie Fat Head.  The best explanation on wrong info and the process of accumulation of fat WATCH 

*****How fat loss works in your body—the surprising truth, 5 min, 743,000 view, a simple more complete version of the above, with how to lose weight by burning more fat through keeping the fat storage hormone insulin low- clear, well-illustrated, effective  WATCH

§*****Sugar Explained: why sugar is as bad as alcohol (Fructose the liver toxin) 15 min 681,000 views, What I Have Learned, quality well-illustrated production that gets across all of the key points across while others take an hour, for everyone with the basics  foundation WATCH

***** Sugar is in everything why sugar is addictive and in 80% of food, 13, min, 275,000 views What I have learned, part of the same series above foundation WATCH

***** Why Calories are NOT important (Food and weight gain, Part 1) 12 min, 236,000 What I have Learned, on how counting calories is based on the false premise that a calorie is a calorie.  They are not all equal, and to lose weight we must metabolize fat foundation WATCH

***** Do calories matter? 14, min, 266,000 What I have learned, covers all the key points about fat and carbs and their hormone regulation including the role of fructose, glucose leptin, insulin, insulin resistance and role in  fat storage, foundation WATCH

§***** Why your body makes you fat & hungry (part 2), 12, min, 439,000 views What I have learned, covers all the essential points  foundation WATCH

§***** The story of fat:  why we are wrong about Health, 15 min, 266,000 views, What I have learned (Patron), foundation WATCH

§***** How to quit sugar & unhealthy habits, 15 min, 369.000 views What I have learned, full of good advice distinctions  and science foundation WATCH

***** Sugar Why your body makes you Fat and Hungry (Food and Weight Gain Part 2) 12 min 313,000 views, What I Have Learned on how the sugar fructose causes the obesity epidemic, by causing insulin resistance which screws up our weight regulatory system, to make us make us hungry, tired, store excess fat storage foundation WATCH

*****The Story of Fat and why we were wrong about health 15 min, 181.000 views What I have Learned , on bad food manufacturers and how it is all about marking. foundation WATCH.   He at last missed two, that Ancel Keys was in the pay of industry and selected because of our government’s industrial farm policy set under Nixon, and the second is on statins and that pharma cooks the results of trial they own.  Pharma is in the business of treating illnesses with fake fixes and worse. 

***** Why exercise is so underrated (brain power and movement link) 15 min, 581,000 views, What I have Learned and updated version 22 min, 12 views foundation WATCH

§ ***** Longevity and why I now eat one meal a day 16 min, 2,907,000 views + 3,223,000 What I have Learned, a lot of good info history and on fasting and how aboriginals live with one meal, &

***** Food Industry’s secret weapon 13 min, 276,000 views what I have learned,  foundation WATCH

***** Carbloads:  A culture dying to eat 75 min, 177,000 views documentary 2016, best Introduction in that it covers all the major issues, exceptional accurate and for a mass audience, well done mixture of expert opinion, animation, interviews, misses fasting FIRST CHOICE

***** Sugar White Poison:  an amazing expose on this toxic stuff  18 min, 141,800 views, Australian Broadcast Corp, the condensed, plain language, account of how the refined carbs & fructose are at the heart of the obesity, diabetes pandemics SECOND CHOICE

***** The Secrets of Sugar 45 min, 1,216,000 views, CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corp) The Fifth Estate, a young obese family on the typical high-sugar diet are switch to whole food-low sugar, and in 3 weeks lose weight, etc.   It also shows experiments on college students with high fructose, uses interviews to drive home health  issues caused by sugar, most entertaining, THIRD CHOICE

§***** Heart of the Matter Part 1 Dietary Villains, 29 min, 52,000 views, Australian Broadcast Corp, the saturated fat-cholesterol myth on causes of heart disease  §Heart of the Matter, Part 2  29 min 22,000 views. Builds on the myth, statins don’t save lives and how pharma gets away with bad science.  FOURTH CHOICE

***** Low carb diet:  Fat or Fiction 29 min, 233,600 views, Australian Broadcast Corp (ABC), for large audience, on how the low carb diet (thus high-fat diet) prevents and cures obesity and type-2-diabetes—see the New Atkins diet (below).  FIFTH CHOICE

*****The Complete Skinny on Obesity 58 min, 349,000 views, University California TV (UCTV), Dr. Robert Lustig Prof USF, great graphic, documentary, asks “how did we get so fat”, from 10% to 40% in 10 years, on addiction and the biology of weight gain.  Fats are not the problem but carbs and sugar, especially fructose.  General audience Lustig’s best, SIXTH CHOICE

§*****WHY Sugar is as Bad as Alcohol (Fructose, The Liver Toxin) !4 min, 369,000 views, What I’ve Learned, high budget, college level documentary with great supporting shots; gives the science behind why fructose (1/2 of sucrose) is poison like alcohol to the live:  both cause fatty liver, also excess fructose  through  insulin resistance causes  obesity and diabetes  SEVENTH CHOICE

***** How to Maximize fat burning Part 1 4 min, 116,000 views, Dr. Jason Fung, On staying in the fat-burning mode by eating low carbs and thus keeping the insulin low.  The body normally burns carbs mainly, but by low carbs it forces the body to burn more fats. Fat is the storage form and thus normally burns glucose first, then when out of it switch as when sleeping EIGHTH CHOICE  

***** What is intermittent fasting Part 2, 5 min. 28,000 views, Dr. Jason Fung,  On staying in the fat-burning mode by fasting; by the best source of information on diabetes and weight loss; a starting point for the best fix; more of his lectures are blow    ENINHTH CHOICE

***** The Science of Addictive Food 11 min, 291,000, CBC, on manufactured food industry carefully balances foods taste to increase addiction by making foods reach the “bliss point” through the addition of sugar, salt, fat, and crunch.  Sugar is addicting because it stimulates the reward centers of the brain—lots of science. Based on Michael Moss’s book TENTH CHOICE

***** The Magic Pill 2018 90 min 6,500 views, covers on the major topics through human interest using 5 case histories to show that the variety of health issues are caused by our high sugar diet, and the fix for all of them is to go on an extreme low-carb (ketogenic) diet.  Moving, very effective, weak on science, missing fasting, and over stress refined carbs. ELEVENTH CHOICE 


§*****Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day 16 min, 2,783,000, very good on science, covers the essential points without major errors, good illustration, clear audio, packed full of correct information, while for an aware general audience and entertaining  TWELTH CHOICE

***** Why am I still fat? 28 min, 384,000 views, ABC documentary, stress 3 topics: weight regulatory system in the brain which resists fat loss by lowering metabolism and increasing appetite, bariatric surgery, and the endocrine disrupter BPA--found in plastics.  Very entertaining addition to the ABC series—see above. THIRTENTH CHOICE

***** Enjoy Eating Saturated Fats:  They’re Good for You 53 min, 262,000 views. Prof. Donald Miller, surgery, cardiothoracic division, Clear well organized college lecture with graphics and lots of journal information, given to audience of physicians,  FOURTENTH CHOICE

***** Fat and Cholesterol do NOT Cause Heart Disease 5 min, 11,000 views that saturated fats are good, and Ancel Keyes role in fat-cholesterol myth  from Fat Head 103, sound, graphs, interviews, facts—great presentation, excellent FIFTEENTH CHOICE

*****Saturated Fat is not dangerous, 29 min, 6,900 views Dr. Paul Mason, polished lecture by a physician who likes to expose the crap.  Thus canola oil is good because it is the lowest in omega 6 to 3, ratio 2:1; details expose the devil. For example the WHI found a major increase in mortality among those on a low fat diet with coronary artery disease, by 26%. On fat, cholesterol, and role of carbs:  With CVD take a statin for 4.5 years to extends life 5.2 days and 3.1 days without excellent   

**** Treating Metabolic Syndrome 29 min, 11,000 views Dr. Paul Mason, explains insulin causes all the items that make up MeS

The Science is in Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight, 5 min, 6,400,000, theme  is that a calorie in doesn’t equate to calorie out because of various compensatory processes; explains that 70 % of calories are burnt based on the level of basal resting metabolism, and when on a calories restricted diet the resting  metabolism drops to preserve the fat level, thus calorie restriction doesn’t work, and it is very hard to lose weight through exercise; first quality Excellent

*****Fat v Carbs with Jamie Owen—BBC  28 min, 300 views, presents both side, and shows that the low fat guidelines  is wrong and the role of business. excellent

Eat More Fat? –Amazing Results 18 min 1,468,000 views, a collection of snippets and testimonials that make the point that saturated fat is good, low budget good

***** The oiling of America 123 min 167,000 views, uses work of Mary Enig, deceased 2014, presented by Sally Fallon.  Uses journal articles & graphs to correct the record and exposes some business’s junk science.  Themes are the cholesterol myth and the good and bad fats, including polyunsaturated fats which are bad because of rancidification (at min 74), and the low-fat dairy products which use powder milk a source of oxidized cholesterol that is cause atheromas  Very Good

Dietary Sense and Nonsense in the War on Saturated  61 min, 6,900 views Prof. David Diamond, on fats, plenty of slides, includes history of low carb high fat diet and industry-gov. attack, lots of good science on fats including the absorption of nutrient, vitamin K2 for disposition of calcium in the bones instead of the arteries, misses fructose,  quality Very Good

*****Kopriva Science seminar series 99 minutes, 6,200 views Dr. Robert Lustig PhD. 3/8/18 covers diet, sugar, carbs,  cholesterol, full of facts and slides at a public library, more up to date than his previous lecture, full of slides giving supporting evidence, the big picture.  Very Good  

***** Fat Chance 88 min 695,000 views, UCTV, Prof. Robert Lustig MD 6/13, extension of Sugar the Bitter Truth (below) which is strong on the science behind sugar’s (fructose’s) role in metabolic syndrome and the contra-factual assumption that obesity is a behavioral disorder.  He shows that biology leads behavior and the advice of eat less and exercise more is wrong.    excellent

Sugar, The Bitter Truth 82 min. 7,600,000 views, UCTV, Prof. Robert Lustig MD, 7/09, university level lecture on sugar-fructose, causes obesity & diabetes; needs background preparation and note taking.  Made me a believer after I researched the issues he raised., the slide in PDF at very convincing, very good

***** Sugar:  the Elephant in the Kitchen 22 min, 108,000 views, Prof. Robert Lustig MD, on brain caused sugar addiction; fructose is the worse sugar very good

***** Is Sugar toxic -- 60 minutes investigates 14 min, 120,000 views, 60 minutes, Dr. Lustig is the guest interviewed,   very Good,

The Bitter Truth About Sugar and Your Health 6 min, 60,000 view, CNN News interview of Prof. Robert Lustig, an introduction into the health issues of too much fructose in our diet, and how the low fat diet caused food manufactures to add sugar, Excellent            


Sugar, Processed Food, and Obesity—sugar is in Everything 53 min, 18,000 Prof. Robert Lustig,  conference on the effects of sugar and the need for a health intervention from government, thus weak on science, about early 2013, concise important with slides Very Good 


***** Is fruit good or bad for you 23 min, 33,000 Dr. Gary Fettke very good lectures, goes over what fruits are marketed for, and finds that vegetables have more antioxidants and vitamins, and that fruit is “confectionery on a tree” well researched, organized Excellen


Sugar, Hormones, and Addiction, 76 min, 5,600 views, Prof. Robert Lustig, UCSF Dept. of Psychiatry, on the hormonal process; show how insulin resistance causes leptin resistance, which entails that the lateral hypothalamus the lower response to leptin increases hunger.  Shows how fructose which doesn’t stimulate insulin contributes to a fatty liver through de novo lipogenesis to cause insulin resistance.  Concise, full of graphs, a view of the science Very Good 


The Case For and Against Food Addictions, 22 min, 3,200 views, Prof Robert Lustig, UCTV, on how the brain responds to the stimulation by sugar, which causes stimulation by dopamine of the brain center—the same as drugs Very good 


Insulin vs. Ketones - The Battle for Brown Fat  35 min, 43,500 view Prof. Benjamin Bikman, on two types of metabolism and the role of white and brown fat, thus the effect of insulin and ketones, a very clear lecture on a senior college level with appropriate slides Important

How Fat Loss Works Your Body 5 min 536,000 views, on the point explanation of the role of insulin in storing fat, and thus the need for a low carb/inulin diet very good

The New Science of Sugar Addiction, 27 min, 60,000 views, UCTV, Ashley Gearhardt, college lecture on the scientific evidence for sugar addiction, well done very good 

My ‘I quit Sugar’ 12 min, 47.000 views, Australian Broadcast program on sugar, a personal journey to successful low-carb diet, very good

***** Fat Head 103, 105 min, 276,000 views, Tom Naughton 2008, well-funded documentary on low-carbs with high fat diet, government’s role; corporate farms’ and food manufacturers’ select the experts.  The science foundation for a low insulin (carbs) diet, (carbs to 100 g/day); good and entertaining--simple with good illustration, sounds and music. worth watching quality

That Sugar Film 2 min, trailer 2.103,000 views 2014, Australian where the sugar question is a public issue, similar to Fat Head issue,, quality  was 3.99 from Amazon, now free as of 2/2017 Full film102 min 57,000 views, interesting to watch, weak on science, an odyssey of the lead character on what sugar does Russian subtitles good

Why We Get Fat – Gary Taubes at OSUMC: 71 min, 197,000 views. Gary Taubes lecture, Ohio State University, Weiner Medical Center. Taubes is a leading scholar on the issue of diet and health; his lecture covers the materials in his books (see below) very good

'Fed Up' With Sugar: Katie Couric's 10-Day Challenge, 8 min, 117,000 views, about ‘Fed Up’ section on no-sugar challenge with ABC News caster, on 6th grade level Entertaining


Globesity:  Fat’s New Frontier, 60 min, 381,000 views documentary on how food manufacturers exported the Western diet and consequences, low budget, weak on science, entertaining and moving human interest bits, dumbed down.  Section on Mexico, Very good

Jamie’s sugar rush, 48 min, 420,000 views, Jamie Oliver, BBC program about high-sugar diet, starts with the food manufacturers and the average diet, then goes to the health consequences and focuses on educating kids, than to restaurants having a sugar tax, hoping to pressure government to do as Mexico does.  human interest approach, very effective, Very Good

Why is it so easy to be thin in Japan 7 min, 3,290,000, what I have learned, stress the different cultural environment, one example is that there are 15 times more fast food places per person in the us, and there several times as many places and machines selling sugar laden food. Obesity is 3.5% in Japan, and counting both obese & morbidly obese  43% in the U.S. Very Good

How to fix a slow metabolism, 25 min, 2,300,000 views, Eric Berg Chiropractor a good old fashioned lecture on why we get fat, the roll of insulin and glucose which he calls sugar. Good

This Morning—Diet Myths 9:00 min, 7,200 views, Dr. Michael Mosley interviewed on fasting and diet for BBC program, (low quality sound) lots of interesting info on diet with supporting evidence.  Mosely does the medical-health documentaries for the BBC, and is author of the popular 5:2 fasting diet. Good on diet and curing type-2 diabetes, but doesn’t restrict carbs.  Very good. 

Dr. Jason Fung on dietary issues, high quality lectures using research to argue the issues and with plenty of slides with graphs and tables--in plain language for educated audience.  Dr. Fung gives lip service to cholesterol, but is actual critical in Part 6 of his series.  He convincingly argues that high insulin--caused by carbs (fructose) is at the heart of health disaster.  Low carbs with alternate day fast will cause fat burning and cure type-2 diabetes and obesity. e work with patient through their doctor to setting up  dietary program and getting them off of drugs.  He monitors progress, at  

A New Paradigm of Insulin resistance 30 min, 126,000 views, Dr. Jason Fung, science behind type-2 diabetes, to an education audience done in 2017 Very good

Aetiology of Obesity Part 1 of 6 parts: a New Hope: 59 min, 48,300, Dr. Jason Fung, academic lecture sugar consumption its history then goes into major flaws in the standard dogma on obesity.   Very good

The Aetiology of Obesity Part 2:  The New Science of Diabesity:  61 min, 34,200 views, Dr. Jason Fung; lets the evidence prove his points, insulin cause  imP7IdM2Og very good

***** The Aetiology of Obesity Part 3:  Trial by Diet:  81 min, 7,900 views, Dr. Jason Fung; insulin drive fat storage, though refined carbs, and insulin resistance, Atkin’s diets came out best (note: the addition of fasting can be necessary for diabetics).  Ends with dollar influence of pharma upon physicians’ continuing education and American Heart Association endorsements Excellent

***** The Aetiology of Obesity, the Fast Food Solution (Part 4 of 6): 84 min, 76,000 views, Dr. Fung’s biology behind obesity and the biology behind fasting at 51 minutes, which is a sure way to cure type-2 diabetes and obesity. Explains it’s parallel to bariatric surgery cure.   Excellent

***** The Aetiology of Obesity Part 5 of 6: Diet and Disease: 60 min. 13,300 Dr. Jason Fung, views; on the causes of the Western diseases with high insulin level, high sugar and high glycemic load.  In primitive societies CVD, obesity, diabetes, colorectal, prostate, and breast cancers are quite low, even with native high carbs.  He ends with an account of food corp. funding diet education.  Excellent


*****The Aetiology of Obesity Part 6 of 6: Dietary Villains - Fat Phobia: 76 min. 15,300 views, Dr. Jason Fung; a review, lays to rest the fat phobia--more fat entail living longer, and cholesterol is good for you as you age, while low cholesterol is strongly associated with death, also that high dietary cholesterol doesn’t raise lipid level.  High glycemic index through insulin spike is associated with heart disease, as does pro-inflammatory      omega-6 fatty acids from polyunsaturated oil. Excellent   

*****Aetiology of obesity, the Calorie Deceptions, 38 min, 94,0000, Dr. Fung, 2016, on two compartment problem, yo-yo diet calories in and storage. Insulin causes weight gain in diabetics depending on dose with reduction in metabolism, insulin is the problem Excellent


MORE BY Dr. FUNG IS IN DIABETES SECTION #3 and in 2B on fasting.  His blog is excellent with link to his diabetes clinic and books.  The best diet books full of science. 


***** Calories vs Carbohydrates: Clearing up Confusion over Competing Obesity Paradigms, 38 min, 48,000 views Gary Taubes science writer, college level lecture given at Harvard.  Obesity is a metabolic problem of excess fat storage review of evidence, his best  Excellent


Process Food versus Nutritional Needs 34 min, 327000 views, Stanford Prof Maya Adam, clear presentation, very basic with adequate illustrations, repeats  errors about saturated fats, salt, and others, lacks basic science, warns about insulin resistance, no fixes, so-so

The raw food diet documentary 101 minutes 1,430,000 views, don’t cook foods, against dairy which is raw and misses low carbs and skipping meals to cure type-2 diabetes & obesity, fruit juices are cokes with vitamins, otherwise a good change, a good change so-so

Old before my time, Overweight, 76 min, 80,000 views BBC weak on science, strong on human interest, missing sugar and blaming fat is upside down so-so


BBC series: repeats cholesterol myths, uses human interest approach, uses personal experiences and interviews, weak on science, and for the general UK public.

***** Eat, Fast & Live Longer 59 min, 209,000 views, BBC, Dr. Michael  , his latest (2015) on food and fasting, chatty and enjoyable on harm of Western diet. At 48, he was diagnosed with diabetes, and so he set out to find a drug free fix through interviewing leading researchers.  He found the answer and put it in a book, the 5:2 Fast Diet (2013). Weak on science, very good

***** 5:2 Revolution,16 min. 192,500 view, Ruskall Tatt of Australia who visited Dr. Michael Mosely, the BBC health science producer& author of the 5:2 diet, very popular in UK and t Europe.  Uses low carb fast 2 days a week; all major points covered.  What U.S. corporate media deliberately skips (fast) and for his 6 min. summary Both excellent

The Truth About Sugar, episode 1, 58 min, 424,000 views, BBC episode 1, a personal journey of 6 people who have sugar addiction; their going down to the WHO recommended  6 teaspoons of added (not natural) sugar a day (24 grams)--entertaining  good 

The Truth About Fat 54 min, 12,000 view, BBC documentary, by doctor investigating fat science, and finds most are good   very good pulled by Google—censorship, reason, “spam, deceptive practices, and scams”, surprising that the BBC UK is worse than US PBS media.

The truth about food in six part,   Part 1, 58 min, 1,268,000 views, BBC documentary dragged out into 6 episodes, more human interest than science, this first one leads into the second one, the entire series—below are individual episodes  good

How to stay healthy, 60 min, 95,000 views, Michael Mosely, lecture in Australia on diet and staying health, full of slides, lots of good information and use of journal articles for a general audience, promotes fasting with low carbs, well polished lecture 30 minute then interview good

The big fat truth about low fat foods BBC documentary, 58 min, 177.000 views, BBC exposes the unhealthy of low fat diet foods, highly processed and loaded with sugar, engineered to not be filling.  Too much human interest, science at end, wrong on unsaturated fats Good  

Food on the brain 65 min 326,000 views BBC,  Good

***** Cereals the foods that make billions, 56 min, 25,000 views, BBC, the role of cereals (yogurt and bottle water) and how big business feeds and sell us Excellent

Fast Food Babies 57 min, 1,264,000 views BBC Good

Too Fat to toddle, 49 min, 418,000 views BBC Good

Junk food kids, who’s to blame, 43 min,76,000 views BBC, shows the power of marketing and the lack of corporate concern for the public’s health Very Good

My child can’t stop eating, 48 min, 4,787,000 views, PWS (Parder Williams) syndrome from defective gene 15, 2,000 of them in the UK, always hungry, and learning problems, strong on human interest freak show, another example of how biology and the brain rules Good

Part 1, truth about foods 59 min, 28.000 views Part 2, 59 min 104,000 views     §Part 3 58 min 111,000 views 6sKDhH0tGBQUzpGZPhk&index=2                §Part 4 how to be slimdown 82 min, 13,500 views    §Part 5, 59 min, 67,000 views       §Part 6 69 min, 45,000 minutes Good

Some of the junk videos, most exposed by outlandish claims, yet millions of view.  There are no magic foods---but coconut oil promotes healing—or bad natural ones (most fruits have been bred to be loaded with sugar which in excess is a slow poison like ethanol), without science, not much different than the claims made on corporate media and PBS.  Their junk creates confusion and useless diet modifications.   

What you eat matters, 2018 92 min, 106,000 views, a push for vegan diet.  Promotes low fat, natural foods (not processed), no dairy or other animal products.  About 20 minutes on factor meat production and slaughter houses—gross.  Quality pitch but without science, dumbed down to American standards of 5th graders, uses authority figures to pitch vegan diet. SKIP

Why are people so health in Japan 11 min, 389,000 what I’ve learned, stress all the possible ways certain substances in foods is purportedly good for you. This is industry twaddle that are not curative while ignoring the cause  fructose (which are fingered in other of his documentaries). Great format, but because it promotes cognitive dissonance, thumbs down.  Skip

10 foods you should never eat 101 minutes, 2,271,000 views. skip

Bananas Most dangerous fruit in the world, 9 min, 3,212,000 views skip

What happens to your body when you eat 2 eggs a day, 7 min, 1,564,000 views skip

20 foods that will clean your arteries naturally and protect your heart 8 min, 4,485,000 views, totally elevating minor benefits, without understanding the process causing endothelial dysfunction the gat way to the invasion of pathogens that start the inflammation process within the artery walls. Subscribes to the cholesterol myth skip

If you eat garlic and honey on an empty stomach for 7 days 3 min, 4,833,000 views by the same as above skip

 How to lose belly fat in 1 week at home 5 min. 1,792,000  skip  Secret Eaters SO2 EO2 season 2, 45 min 1,056,999 views,

To age or not age 44 min, 80,000 views, documentary New Zealand, follows the chatty, human interest BBC format, on moderate carbs & natural foods, but no science, no mention of fasting, and repeats the common dietary errors about stress, cholesterol, etc. skip

The War on Wheat, 39 min, 236,000 views, Canadian Broadcast Corporation, Fifth Estate series, for a general audience weak on science strong on interviews of expert, dieters, and author of Grain Brain.  Only good message is about how to smell a skunk (fad)--could be a hatchet job since wheat is Canada’s biggest export. Misses how big business is behind gluten free foods Okay

How lost over 100 pound  10 min 699,000 views Penn Jillette [of Penn and Teller] on a fad diet that starts out with eating just one food for 2 weeks—he chose potatoes baked and boiled.  In two weeks he lost food cravings including sweets; ate no nuts, fruit, animal products, refined grain.  Still avoids animal products, eats  mostly vegetables—very low energy dense foods plus some brown rice at dinner; went from 4,000 calories a day to 1,000.  He kept it off for 17 mos.—so far.

2B Fasting

***** What is intermittent fasting 5 min 2,000 views Dr. Jason Fung, a talk on the healing through fasting, short on science and long on traditional fasting, with plenty of supporting pictures and common sense a good introduction to the next 2 full of science Excellent

***** How to Maximize fat burning 4 min, 349,000 views, Dr. Jason Fung, of the above a clear explanation  of how to switch from glucose metabolism to fat Excellent

§ ***** Longevity and why I now eat one meal a day 16 min,  3,223,000 views What I have Learned, a lot of good info history  on fasting and how aboriginals live with one meal, the OMAAD (one meal a day) Excellent &


*****Fasting vs. Eating Less: What's the Difference? (Science of Fasting) 13 min, 469,000, What I have learned, covers all of the essential points as to type of fast, why major calorie restriction is more difficult, adjustment to fasting, etc. Excellent


*****Fasting Awakening the Rejuvenation within you, 19 min 102,000 Valter Longo, top scientist, TEDx. Fasting  animals live longer because it turns on autophagy which stimulates stem cells to replace damaged cells & to repair other cells--requires low insulin Excellent  -       

§*****Therapeutic Fasting—Solving the Two Compartment Problem 36 min, 386,000 views, Dr. Jason Fung lecture on the yo-yo diet, explains why the long-term obese early always gains back most or more of the weight that they lost within a few years, metabolism drops and they “feel like shit”.  Leads to the biology of fat storage. Solution is low carbs and fasting Excellent

§***** Eat, Fast & Live Longer 59 min, 209,000 views, BBC, Dr. Michael Mosley, his latest (2015) on food and fasting, chatty and enjoyable on harm of Western diet. At 48, he was diagnosed with diabetes, and so he set out to find a drug free fix through interviewing leading researchers.  He found the answer and put it in a book, the 5:2 Fast Diet (2013). Very entertaining,       

Intermittent Fasting, 37 min 709,000 views, Dr. Mike Mitzel, lecture to a general athletic audience with plenty of slides, covers the essential points, favors the short-term fast skipping breakfast along with very low carbs, last 10 minutes question & answer.   Very Good     .

Intermittent fasting for weight loss,69 min, 736,000 interview by Dr. Mike Mitzel, covers what he said before, not as good as his lecture since it lacks graphs, too much on the stupid objections to fasting, but has additional info relevant to fasting as best fast (low insulin) Good

Intermittent Fasting Benefits 28 min, 90,000 views, Dr. Jay Davidson, a lecture with the points on the screen has him into the microphone in the right corner so you see and hear—very effective, covers all the key points on fasting, which are in his book.  Very good

Intermittent fasting avoid the 5 biggest mistakes 9 min, 224,000 view Thomas DeLauer, for cleansing (rules are not for weight loss, fails to mention this important distinction).  Very effective   Very good

*****Fasting and the fifty percent insulin problem, 21 min, 218,000 views, Butter Bob Briggs explains why fasting is more important than low carbs.  The obese have an 3 fold higher pre-breakfast level of insulin and alternate day fasting will lowers it to the normal level in a couple of weeks.  Very clear explanation with graphs from published journal articles Excellent       Briggs has a website with 47 videos at Recommended

*****Why Fasting bolster brain powers, TEDx, 17 min, 1,948,000, Mark Mattson PhD, NIH, at John Hopkins U. very good on fasting & its science, on how the brain adapts to no food, physical exercise, and ketone bodies from fasting to grow & heal Excellent

The Mystery of Fast-5 and D.I.E.T., TEDx, 16 ,min. 295,000 Bert Herring MD, by author of Fast-5, similar to the above but without the science.  His experience mirrors my own, only I only had 5 pounds to loose.  For a general audience, chatty, good life-style values, Good

Introduction to Therapeutic fasting, 23 min, 38,000 views, Dr. Robert Szabo, covers the essentials, likeable, poor enunciation, covers essential with slides, Good

Not just another ‘F’ word—my personal experience 26 min view 46,000, portly  Jimmy Moore, author who has 2 books on ketogenic diet, and co-authored with Dr. Fung a book on fasting, 2016.  His struggle to lose weight; lacks science, etc. Okay

Fasting, Safe & Effective Use of an Ancient Healing Therapy, 55 min, 5,900 vies, Michael Kalper MD, nice guy giving boring lecture with a promotion for his clinic and the need for medical supervision. Lacks science behind ”fasting” Skip

How to Eat One Meal a Day (OMAD) 5 min, 239,000 views OMAD Revolution, an alternative to other fasting routines, that some will find suitable; however, I would drop the fruit juice, binge day, lower carbs and add homemade bone broth; good video, clear and simple VG 

One Meal a Time 13 min, 22,000 views Sherry Strong, TEDx Tokyo, big on natural foods, no science, blames everything on manufactured food, ends with recommendation for OMAD, so-so


2C Ketogenic Diet (New Atkins Diet, his diet has been changed based on modern science to low protein and more green vegetables—low net carbs).  The ketogenic diet is extremely low-carb diet (under 50 grams, 2 ounces) forces the body to burn fat.  It is used to treat intractable epilepsy and to starve cancer thereby sometimes curing or at least reducing the risk of a cancer becoming metastatic (fatal)—see section 4.  It also reduces the risk of a tumor developing into a cancer.   The ketogenic diet was used before insulin to extend life of those with type-1 diabetes.  Fasting makes it easy to go into ketosis. See Mike Mitzel above

*****Ketones the Better Fuel? (science of fasting and low carb keto) 16 min 131,000 views by What I’ve Learned, full of information, quality production, a great foundation based on science, one enters ketosis by low carb fasting or just very low carb diet Excellent

*****Is Ketosis Dangerous? (Science of Fasting & Low Carb Keto) 16 min, 131,000views  What I’ve Learned on ketosis with plenty of science and background history.  Sets the record straight, clear, quality video, and well supported by graphs, and studies Excellent   

*****Ketosis: The Key to Optimal Health with Dr. Mike, 35 min.  141,000 views, Dr. Mike Van Derschelden,  full of good information on ketogenic diet and its benefits and how to get into it in a lecture to a general audience.  Plenty of slides, clear voice, a high energy moving lecture.  His experiences is the same as JK’s..  After Jason Fung the best doctor on YouTube  Excellent

***** Nutrition Therapy of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 45 min, 4.300 views, Dr Nicolai Worm, Prof. at U of Munich, lecture at medical conference in the UK, on in which Jason Fung gave the morning lecture.  An important lecture which along with Fung’s on insulin resistance pieces together the pathology arising from the high fructose Western diet and what to do to reverse or reduce the associated conditions.  The lecture was given to an audience of scientists. Excellent    

Reversing Obesity & diabetes—the low carb high fat diet 39 min, 61,000 view Andreas Eenfeldt MD, (diet doctor) Sweden, on the obesity epidemic and how to reverse it with more fat and less grains and sugar, a well presented lecture with plenty of slides Very Good

§ Responding to Diet Saboteurs, Critics, and Skeptics 39 min 4,500 views, Miriam Kalamian, M.S, on ketogenic diet organized, answers the physician critic, lots of slides at a conference, good ammo when discussing how you’re are starving cancer or losing weight Very Good


Achieving and Maintaining Nutritional Ketosis  20 min, 150,000 views, Prof. Stephen Phinney, UC Davis conference, explains key concepts about ketosis and carbs with graphs, would get 5 stars but for the poor sound quality. He has done extensive research Very Good

The case for nutritional ketosis   94,000 views Prof. Stephen Phinney, 2016 at conference with Fung and et al.  Better sound that the above, good slides, entertain lecture with Eskimo example, and athletes who are setting endurance records, and health benefit compared to carbs  Very Good

Insulin vs. Ketones – the Battle for Brown Fat 35 min, 93,000 views, Prof. Benjamin Bikman, well presented lecture to a nutritionally knowledgeable audience at a conference.  On how brown fat is easier to metabolize when dieting, insulin drive white fat growth, and benefits of ketogenic diet Good  

No Sugar, no starch diet overview 39 min, 66,000 views Dr. Eric Westman, a getting start talk to those trying the LCHF diet.  Very simple, practical for those who have major weight problems of whom some are diabetic; 20 grams of carbs a day to maintain ketosis Very Good

The NEW ATKINS (KETOGENIC) DIET (lowered the protein, upped vegetables, and net carbs)

§Understanding the [new] Atkins Diet 9 min, 89,000 views, documentary by Atkins Company of high quality diet  Very Good

§The Atkins Diet, BBC  49 min, 43,000 views BBC documentary explaining the science behind the Atkins diet, that carbs that require less energy to utilize than fats and proteins, a bit drawn out as to information and misses the health hazards of sugars, Atkins didn’t  on Atkins in print by jk at; there are several more on diet there.  The Atkins website page with carb counter IMPORTANT

Dr.Eric Westman – Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss 39 min, 176,000 views, class lecture by the author of the latest version of Atkins diet; & reversing diabetes  Very good

Dumb-down, human interest, food-industry’s tobacco science --SKIP

My Big Fat Body,48 min. 627,000 views. Documentary the repeats the failure of the Biggest Loser (TV), in which all but 2 gained all or most or their weight back in a study which followed them for 6 years, and one of the 2 success had bariatric surgery after gaining half the weight, full of eat less exercise more, and have a physical trainer and dietician for motivation, Skip

The Weight of the Nation:  Part 1-Consequences, 69 min, 663,000 views, HBO, obesity causes, relies on expert testimonials and human interest, standard pharma view of heart disease with standard errors. Skip

My Big Fat Body Weight of the Nation:  Part 2—choices 72 min, 283,000 views, HBO, repeats myths of calories in calories out, weak will,  refined carbs, & insulin, ignores biology behind weight gain, more of the above, US corporate media crap[. Skip

Weight of a nation Part 3 – challenges, 68 minutes, 162 min, HBO, finds standard causes such as less activity, weak will, manufactured foods high in sugar is also part of problem, wrong message about fat as the villain  Skip

50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise 94 min, 192,000 views, BBC repository of sensationalism full of errors and rare events, pure yellow journalism  Skip

National Geographic:  Half Ton World: 44 min, 34,000 views.  Super obese, lives, addiction.  Popular viewing, entertains not science SKIP  

Fasting, safe & effective use of an ancient healing therapy 55 min 5500 views, Michael Klaper, MD, a nice guy that is part of a clinic, looking out for the clinic, who  like the typical doctor who knows little science, doesn’t recommend fasting for curing cancer or diabetes Skip

Ketosis - How to get into ketosis faster on the ketogenic diet and lose weight.  6 min, 480,000 views, CNN report (???) on ketosis, pushes Ketopia, a product that induces ketosis.  Skip the $144 product for 10 days and use fasting.  It will get you there with better results So-so  

Sugar...the truth 30 min, 280 views; narration with drawings, strong on history of sugar as toxic, industrial influence, however it is wrong about asparagine & candida (even if harmful, harm is grossly overblown), pushes probiotic pills  Skip sales pitch for probiotics pills


3.  Diabetes (T2D) & Insulin resistance (JK’s diet cure, & select journal articles)

Insulin Signaling 5 min, 236,000 views animation presentation, college level, needed to understand the basics, thus recommended  Excellent                                           


*****Diabetes Animation 4 min, 43,000 views, a more complete explanation of the metabolic process and diabetes, misses reduced insulin with T2D Excellent

***** How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally, 35 min, 1,136,000 views, Dr. Jason Fung, on treating the symptom high blood sugar instead of the cause insulin resistance.  Fasting with low carbs causes fat metabolism; calorie restriction & exercise seldom works long term  Excellent

***** Insulin Toxicity and How to cure Type 2 Diabetes, 61 min, 185b,000 views Dr. Fung; on insulin, diabetes; failure of drugs; & cure with intermittent fasting & low carbs--to an audience of doctors.  Clinical trials prove that high insulin--not glucose--is the problem.  High insulin is causal for metabolic dysfunction and the resultant atherosclerosis & it comorbidities,  Excellent  

***** The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes 54 min,255,000 views, Dr. Fung, , similar to the first two diabetes video and with two patients re-accounting their experience on alternate-day fasting.  Excellent 

Fung’s blog is excellent with link to his books, diabetes clinic, outpatient program (works with your doctor).

*****Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts ignoring the guidelines 18 min, 1,553,000 views, by Sarah Hallberg MD, TEDx PurdueU, passionate on treating diabetes and insulin resistance with low-carb high-fat diet, and on the viscous cycle of taking medications which require carbs to prevent hypoglycemia as recommended by guidelines that promote illness & profits  Excellent                            

***** What is metabolic syndrome, and why are children get it? 72 min, 52,000 views, Prof. Robert Lustig, like Sugar, The Bitter Truth, with over 7 million hits given to students; this is technical for researchers at Tufts University and goes at a faster pace. He shows the biology driving the pathologies is insulin resistance that causes on a high-fructose diet a fatty liver that causes the age related conditions including diabetes, weight gain, ischemic events, dementia, arthritis, etc. Fructose is a liver poison.  Important to watch, even if too technical. The fix is to metabolize liver fat Excellent

Catherine Croft PhD on Hyperinsulinemia and Kraft 13 min, 2,500 views, lecture on fasting glucose does not reveal insulin resistance; best method is glucose tolerance test with measure of insulin at 2 hours, if above 30 mu/mL than 90% chance of insulin resistance Good 

The Twin cycle Hypothesis for type-2 diabetes:  5 min, 900 views Prof Roy Taylor leading researcher who measured fat in pancreas, Newcastle U.  On fat and glucose metabolism, the role of insulin; easy to follow, on the cause of obesity and type-2 diabetes—glucose/sugar, Good

Insight Beating Diabetes 52 min, 83,600 views, 2016 Dr. Mosely & Prof. Roy Taylor interview, using Taylor’s 800 calories diet for reversing diabetes under 10 years have success, while over 10 years are not so likely on a small sample of 4 who all failed [Dr. Fung has success]  Strong on human interest, well organized and moving entertainment, quality interview,  Very Good

Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem 21 min, 188,000 views Butter Bob Briggs, clear simple, direct on how fasting lower insulin, recommends intermittent fasting or alternate day fasting, a very good lecture.   Very good                                                                       


*****Reversing the irreversible:  Type 2 diabetes and you 61 min, Newcastle University, Prof. Roy Taylor, slides, only with voice; explains why fasting works like bariatric surgery, his MRI images shows that liver and pancreas metabolize the excess fat to cure type-2 diabetes.  Misses fasting as part of diet and that LADA (Latent autoimmune diabetes of adults) of some in in his trial thus they can’t be cured by diet Important  VG

*****Diabetes the Hidden plague, BBC Panorama  58 min, 22,000 views, focuses on all the major health consequences (hospital) value information, full of sad human interest, will motivate the viewer by feeling the pain,  little on the fixing the 11 billion pounds cost to the NHS, lacking in science  Very good

Kraft, father of insulin assay, interview of Dr. Joseph Kraft, concerning his recently published book on his 17,000 patient whom he tested for insulin resistance using a method he developed.  It shows that 90% of those tested produce excessive insulin following the taking of 75 mls of pure glucose, what we call insulin resistance & he diabetes.  Those with elevated insulin are at risk for the conditions associated with the western diet. Very important, VG

Session 2. The Problem With The ADA Diet 11 min, 6,000 views, Dr. Richard Bernstein, informative for Type 1  & 2 diabetes, on how to go drug free.  He explains why the ADA guidelines & what doctors are taught are wrong.  At 84 with Type 1 diabetes he is proof Very good

Insulin resistance and high carbohydrate diets 41 min 813 views Dr. Timothy Noakes on how insulin resistance is caused by high-carbohydrate diet, and that is driving all the conditions once NAFLD develops especially type-2 diabetes.  Well presented, but a major flaw, misses the essential role of fructose in the carbs; thus ignores the prior talks by Taubes and Malhotra, Skip

Insulin Resistance 29 min, 48,000 views, Dr. Ted Naiman, figured out the biology behind the diet disaster.  He shows that the size of fat cells (how stuffed they are) is strongly correlated with insulin resistance and the subsequent pathology.  Several very important points such as the synthesis of new fat cell is why some don’t get fat or diabetic, but others don’t make new fat cells thus their adipose cells get fat and become resistant; technical, relies on journal articles Very good important  

Understanding type 2 diabetes [T2D] 4 min, 166,000 views, an animation introduction on type 2 diabetes, easy to follow, clear and pro use of drugs Okay

The Latest Scams from the diabetic Industry 68 min, 140,000 views, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. McDougall has a clinic in which there is a 10-day program for diabetic, which get includes getting t2d patients off their medication.  He then goes on his lecture to inform the audience that saturated and trans fats raise cholesterol.  It is a slick presentation by a KOL using tobacco science.  By the end I recognize that it is a continuing medical education class (CME), an audience of physicians, and he is spoon feeding them a line which by lowering fats entails high carbs.  A rare insight into a CME class Skip



4.  Cancer basics & starving cancer articles on starving cancer.  There are more documentaries touching on starving cancer in the 2B fasting & 2C ketogenic diet sections.

***** Targeting Energy Metabolism in Brain Cancer 21 min, 113,000 views by Prof Thomas Seyfried, leading research to audience of fellow scientists on how to starve cancer which depends on glucose metabolism and thus cause its apoptosis through ketogenic diet. Cancer cells have damaged mitochondria that metabolized glucose & glutamine-- read his Cancer as a Metabolic Disease s. Excellent

*****Cancer as a Mitochondrial Metabolic Disease, 60 min, 13,000 views by Prof Thomas Seyfried, similar to the above, but with more such as the role of macrophages, more on diet, glutamine, and how current standard treatment kills their patients. Excellent, Autophagy and Cancer 56 min, 30,000 Prof. Thomas Seyfried, a video phone interview thus of very low quality, a good lecture but without graphs, etc.  Fair

*****Water Fasts as a potential tactic to beat cancer, 68 min 30,000 Prof. Thomas Seyfried, an interview without video covers the biology of cancer role of mitochondria, the biology on how ketosis & fasting starve cancer, full of useful information s Very good 

***** The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer 152,000 views, 30 minutes Dr. Dewitt radiologist recommends intermittent fasting, with 8 hour window for eating and ketogenic diet, critical of the standard care & pharma; a polished lecture covering all the essentials Excellent.

§ Responding to Diet Saboteurs, Critics, and Skeptics 39 min 4,500 views, Miriam Kalamian, M.S, on ketogenic diet organized, answers the physician critic, lots of slides at a conference, good ammo when discussing how you’re are starving cancer or losing weight Very Good


*****How the Cancer Industry Deceives You with Cancer Drugs: 87 minutes, 69,000 views, quality documentary for a wide audience, also covers the role of FDA and the results of regulatory capture. How industry is into treating not curing, & how promising treatments are blocked for profits  Very good

*****The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks, 59 min 8,800 views Prof. Colin Champ MD.  First 10 minutes on history.  Support use of either/or ketogenic diet and fasting to decrease glucose, and kill cancer cells, and to increase effectiveness of chemo-radiation.  Full of slides and information for educated, professional audience at a conference 2016, Excellent

Imaging  Prostate—imaging of PSA Recurrence 22 min, 517 views, ECR ONLINE 2017, Europeans Society of Radiology, vested interest in the radioactive dye, improved using MRI, PET, CAT with this dye which can detect 1 cm tumor.  At the end is a therapy using the high affinity chemical PSMA-617 and radioactive AC has 20%  response by F. Fiesel et al EJNMMI 2016 Very Good

Water fasting kills cancer, 4 min 189,400 views, BBC radio news, covers Dr. Valter Longo’s experiments (2010) on mice on fasting (no glucose) upon cancer, confirming the above lecture, good basic information needing clinical trials to work out details Very good

How to Heal from Cancer & Prevention 40 min,153,255 views, John Bergman MD , good intentions, appropriately critical of chemotherapy,  sincere, sometime cherry picking, weak on science with causal errors, buys into the organic prevention and cure which is wrong, but not chemo poison  so-so

Starving cancer, 10 minutes 138,000 views, Prof Dominic D’Agostino, TEDx lecture works with Dr. Seyfried, talks first about hyperbolic oxygen causing epileptic seizure in deep sea divers, then ketogenic diet prevent epileptic seizures, and his work on hyperbolic oxygen to damage cancer cells while sparing healthy cells, and an rat model which showed that this combination worked Very good

Targeting Cancer Metabolism  19 min, 1,400 views Angela Prof, Ph.D. works in the lab of D’Agostino, covers the complexity of how hyperbolic oxygen turns on onco genes and in other ways promote apoptosis of cancer cells and ROS production (oxidative stress), adjunct therapy especially to diet and to radiation which produces reactive chemicals Important

Can we eat to starve cancer, 20 min, 425,000 views, by Dr.  William Li TEDx, on angiogenesis, well illustrated, clear, but pushing chemo, by blocking formation of blood vessels, unfortunately this can only work short-term because it will kill the patient.  Cherry picking a few examples & other tricks Skip it 

How Nature Has Already Beat Cancer 11 min, 14,550 views Carlo Maley TEDxASU, elephants have 40 copies of P53 which causes apoptosis of abnormal cells; humans have 2.  His lab is working why large animals don’t have a high rate of cancer (no mention of why we do), Good  

Fasting kills cancer, 7 Min, 15,619 view Dr. Barren Schmidt, on fasting very good on the health benefits of fasting, and how to get started a good intro  Very good

§ Responding to Diet Saboteurs, Critics, and Skeptics 39 min 4,500 views, Miriam Kalamian, M.S, on ketogenic diet organized, answers the physician critic, lots of slides at a conference, good ammo when discussing how you’re are starving cancer or losing weight Very Good


Ketogenic Diet, cancer metabolism and the Warburg Effect with Angela Poff, 55 minutes, 23,000 views, Angela Poff PhD interviews covering major points  Okay

Starving cancer away 11 min, 113,000 Sophia Lunt, TEDxMSU, on cancer metabolism excellent lecture college level, on Warburg effect, but looking for a drug, no mention of ketosis, fasting, or blocking glutamate.  Typical pharma funded search for treating cancer, major research like hers Disappointing

Cancer is curable now, 109 min, 38,000 views, a push for holistic approach, a near total lack of the biology behind cancer, and every point even when fundamentally correct is off the mark.  Sure wholesome diet is important, avoiding toxins, and hyperbolic oxygen chamber helps fight cancer.  It is as upside down as a KOL presented lecture on cancer Skip it


5.  Alzheimer’s, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Salubrious Ketones Bodies (diet) lack articles in journal to substantiate Newport and Berger’s; will publish when found at rcdm.  Fasting, antioxidants vitamin C & E, estradiol, testosterone, uncoated aspirin, and coconut lower risk.  Coconut oil because of about 17% is converted to beta hydroxybutyrate.  Fructose and drugs which sedate (mainly neuroleptic drugs) and lower ATP (statins) increases risk. Dementia is caused by a decline in the cellular mechanism that clean up the damage by mainly fructose and by lowering cellular autophagy--link. 

Medium chain triglycerides and ketones:  an alternative fuel for 64 min,75,000 views Mary Newport, MD.  Alzheimer’s disease has defective metabolism starving the brain of ATP.  MCT (medium chain triglycerides) is converted to ketones and used by the brain for energy with striking benefits for most.  Her best presentation; misses ketogenic diet and fasting, articles at. Very good

Coconut oil cure for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's 7 min, 59,600 view, CBN news, professional presented but weak on science Good

The Beginning of the End of Parkinson's Disease?  18 min, 7,300 views Dr. Kim, well done documentary with good science, some journal support for Amodiaquine and Chloroquine (malaria drugs) in treating Parkinson’s disease, still too early (3./17) to recommend Very good

How Ketosis can prevent Alzheimer’s diseases with Amy Berger 62 min, 9,900 author of Alzheimer’s Antidote, interview covers the important points, Okay

Alzheimer’s – can we prevent it? 27 min, 8,000 views, ABC Catalyst covers all the basic points on the disease and its prevention and much more,  Very good

Alzheimer’s Prevention Program: Keep Your Brain Healthy  57 Min, 221,000  views. UCTV, Dr. Gary Small, a KOL administrator heading a team of over 120 people at UCLA who leaves out all the key points about cause and most promising interventions, namely cleaning up the fatty liver and insulin resistance through fasting,  low carb diet, the use of antioxidants, and the benefits of Bata hydroxybutyrate, and considers walking  intense aerobic exercise.  KOL crap nicely presented. Skip 


6.  Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and the Cholesterol Myth journal articles on heart issues and JK’s summation of the information at longer & CVD

§***** Heart of the Matter Part 1 Dietary Villains, 29 min, 615 views, Australian Broadcast Company (ABC), the saturated fat-cholesterol myth causes heart disease  Heart of the Matter, Part 2  29 min 27,800 views, Maryanne Demasi, MD, show that statins don’t save lives, not safe, and pharma’s  biggest drug heists   Excellent

***** Dr. Maryanne Demasi Applauded For Exposing Statin Con 7 min 7,100 views Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a brilliant lecturer, who lets the evidence do the talking. Praises the above 2 documentaries, and goes into how and why the biggest scam is business as usual Excellent

***** Demonization and Deception in Cholesterol Research 59 min 51,000 David Diamond, neuroscientist, first 30 minutes mostly historical on fats, carbs, and official positon on them (laying the grounds for the upside down belief about cholesterol and the corruption worked by corporations).  The second part covers the main points with clinical trials, his slides from the journals drive home the issues, a quality presentation. Excellent


***** Combating Heart Disease:  Statins, Supplements, Stem Cells, Hyperbaric Oxygen? 54 minutes, 620 views, Prof. Donald Miller, has looked at the negative evidence (not pharma’s crap) and found it worse than I thought it to be, college level. Excellent


Dr. Jonny Bowden “The Great Cholesterol Myth 74 min, 43,000 views, follows essential points of his co-authored book “The Great Cholesterol Myth” Non-technical lecture with graphics, covers role of diet, that saturated fats and cholesterol are good, sugar bad, and lowering cholesterol with statins is bad, at very good

§ ***** Statin Nation First 13 Min, 63,000 views, Justin Smith, 2012 YouTube (but not the entire documentary) also at for £8.49 download, £14.99 purchase, & UK Amazon, on the real causes of heart disease Excellent

***** Statin Nation II, Justin Smith, sequel 1/15, as of 3/16 only on UK Amazon for £13.99.  I’ve purchased both.  They are a library of resources and links on statin-cholesterol-fat-myth, Excellent from UK

*****Dr. Natasha discusses the Real Cause of Heart Disease, 8 min, 33,000 views, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride explains that pathogens within the artery walls cause atherosclerosis, which is the cause of ischemic events throughout the body including most heart attacks and strokes’ excerpt from Statin nation, totally consistent with the best of medical science Excellent

***** The Link Between Viruses & Heart Disease  5 min, 232 views Prof. Ed. Prydial explains passionately the link between viruses and heart disease.  Very good

Inflammation in Atherosclerosis 63 min, 151 views, Dr. Peter Libby on role of inflammation and promotion at atherosclerosis; lecture for medical researchers.  Exceptional good lecture:  well-illustrated, organized, concise, covering most aspects.  Very good

***** The Real cause of heart disease, 8 min 26,800 views,  Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride explains that coronary artery disease is caused by atherosclerosis, which is an inflammatory process produced by pathogens and the response of the immune system Excellent

*****The Cholesterol Hypothesis is Wrong—Part 1, 31 min, 3,000 views Malcom Kendrick 2014 Seminar, excellent lecture using medical science to expose the cholesterol myth to medial audience, goes over 10 pieces of strong evidence, very convincing Excellent

***** Get your loved ones OFF statins - BBC – 14 Min, 18,000 views, Jack Peretti, on the sales techniques that turned fear of not being normal and selling relief;, started with Zantac by Glaxo selling a condition GRED, then progresses to cardiovascular disease into the biggest  blockbuster statins Excellent

The cholesterol campaign and its misleading dietary advices 29 min, 13,000 views Prof. Uffe Ravnskov,  the leading scientist on the cholesterol myth and the role of microbes causing atheromas and the immune response, a university a lecture Very good


Dietary Villains: Part II, Salt Scare: 30 min 2,700 views, Dr. Jason Fung.  Shows how population studies can be misleading and that salt has little effect upon death and CVD rates.   He explains the biological effects of salt that counterbalance each other  Very good 


The Truth about Cholesterol 25 min, 10,000 views by Dr. Michael Van Derschelden who gets most of it right; another well-presented talk with illustrations on the statin scam for a general audience, very convincing Very good   


Vitamin C and Heart Disease, 66, min, 3.000 views Prof. Linus Pauling, one day before his 91st birthday at Stanford Medical School.  Health benefit for 2 plus grams of vitamin C (ascorbate) daily based upon a rare deletion in the genes for making vitamin C among primates, and the imperfect adaptation to counter its health consequences on a diet in many areas with limited fruits and vegetables by protecting lipoprotein-A.  Of interest because of Pauling, weak on the science   Good  


Note:  Lowering cholesterol is a surrogate accepted by the FDA for drug approval rather than the endpoint of less ischemic event and deaths; but the association has never been demonstrated in sound scientific studies.  Pharma has made billions treating their cholesterol myth with statins (most of which are now off patent).  Now a new patented family of drugs is on the market—the switch is on.  The cause is atherosclerosis which is strongly associated with the high sugar Western diet and cigarettes.  The fix is to reverse insulin resistance through fasting and healthy diet which cleanses the liver-- exercise and the supplements I listed Help.


7.  Psychiatric Drugs and Psychiatry 

***** Psychiatric Drugs: Do They Fix Imbalances or Do They Create Them - Part 1 88 min, 8,700 views, Robert Whitaker, science writer and critic.  Given to an academic audience, it is exceptionally well organized and supported by evidence given in slides.  His passion based on psychiatry’s departure from serving the patient comes through.  Theme, compared to a placebo, psychiatric drugs for depression given long-term promote chronic depression by 300%. Exccellent

*****Psych-Drugs Harm – [Part] Two:  Few Benefit, Many Harmed 58 min, 6,000 views, Prof. Peter Gotzsche MD, 9/15, by the co-founder of the Cochrane Review, whose specialty is statistical analysis.  Exposes many of the ways pharma commits scientific fraud to get favorable results, and concludes that these drugs are far worse than nothing at all Exccellent    Good sound with slides, thorough, organized  also at

*****Psych-Drugs harm [Part] 3 Medicating ADHD 43 min, 1,100 views Robert Whitaker 9/15 his after lunch lecture on medicating children, quality presentation with slides, effectively delivered.  An example of how pharma influences health care, best lecturer Excellent

***** Psych-Drugs Harm--Seven:  Breggin—Brain Impairment and Withdrawal—Sept 2015, 50 min, 8,900 views, with Peter Gotzche as host.  Dr Peter Breggin, author of 19-critical books on psychiatric drugs, then 81, present a finely honed lecture in 45 minutes covering all the major points.  The best of the critics, on brain disabling drugs, clear stated  Excellent

Psych-Drugs Harm [Part] 3, Medicating ADHD, 42 min 1,157 views Robert Whitaker, science writer, Similar to the others, 9/15.  He shows that the results of the few long-term studies on Ritalin are ignored and sometimes actively suppressed. Stimulants for ADHD are effective only short-term in that they suppress behavior, long-term they are worse than nothing Very good

***** Making a Killing, the Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugs 95 min 669,000 views; starts with senseless killings and suicides to show these drugs do more harm than good; leads into drug approval, they are very addicting; that pharma hooked up with Am. psychiatry Assoc. to turn them into willing pill pushers that invent & expand mental illness.  Missed is that these drugs are tranquilizers were approved because they increase sleep, which is 15% of its “benefits” under Hamilton Rating Scale.  What pharma does to market psychiatric drugs, the same is done with all of the most profitable classes of drugs,  Excellent

 Psychiatric Drugs and Mass Shootings 11 min, 38,000 views, from Making a Killing; the murders and suicides. What the corporate press won’t report on, nearly all are on psychotropic drugs.  We don’t need gun control, we need pharma control

***** Big pharma Big Money 176 min 230,000 views.  Great organization, covers all key topics, for a general audience, no delays by human interest stories; however, it repeats through multiple testimonials each point, which accounts for its length Excellent also under Psychiatry:  The Marketing of Madness at and Depression is NOT a Chemical Imbalance

***** Psychiatrie 108 min, 2,766,000 views, Evolution Television, a review of psychiatry’s dismal history of mental hospitals.  Also covers how pharma markets drugs to make us addicted.  Excellent historical footage, a good sequel to Making A Killing highly recommended

DOWN ***** Dark Side Of a Pill, 55 min, 4 views, in German with English subtitles. English not on YouTube. SSRIs make people crazy, the human interest side with case histories.  Our corporate media is silent about the drugs behind the crimes very good.  A bilingual version, (Russian, 533 views) is up at

BBC Mental, A History of the Madhouse 59 min, 1,718,000, BBC documentary on older mental institutions, shock treatment, lobotomy, physical abuse--conditions worse than prisons. It ends with Thatcher’s solution of closing and putting their patients on the street,  Very good  

***** The Drugging of Our Children, 103 minutes, 251,000 views, very good shows e.g. that the brain scan showing abnormalities are done with children on long-term psychiatric drugs.  Intermixed with pharma’s opinion leaders but then presents a rebuttal. Excellent

*****Antidepressant Drug are a Sham 47 minutes, 1,140 views, Alex Jones & RT News on how patients are made worse by SSRIs psychiatric drug.  Excellent

Psych-Drugs Harm – [Why} Few Benefit, Many Harmed - Sept. 16, 2015 – CPH [part 2], 58 min 5,500  views, Prof. Peter Gotzsche MD, co-founder of the Cochrane Review, winner of Best Book Award by the BMA in 2013, covers in detail the shame evidence “supporting” psychiatry.  He published in 2016 the most complete, scholarly book on the harm psychiatric drugs do, given at conference, thus college level.  Good sound with slides, thorough, organized Very good

Dr. Linda Lagemann: Anti-Depression Drugs Cause More Harm Than Help: 42 min, 1,000, radio interview, thorough lecture, with above footage Very good                      


Psychiatry Exposed, Experts Speak 54 min, 22,000 views on suicide and side effects of current psychotropic drugs.  How the industry hides this effect because they own the raw data and evaluate it.  Expert testimony covers only some of the ploys, worth watching  Very good

***** Psychiatry in the Military:  The Hidden Enemy Within 106 min, 81,000 views, goes over the history of psychiatry, which started in WWI, and by WWII was firmly entrenched in the US, Japan, and Germany.  Today the use of psychiatric drugs is the norm; it explains why suicide has multiplied in the last 2 decades.  Drugs are part of the tools used by the military Excellent

Medicating Kids, 8 min, 16,000 views, Frontline, in six chapters, human interest follows the experience of 4 families--not critical in 6 parts; more dumb-down public education that doesn’t educate on PBS. OK

Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry, they have a set of short videos confirming what the documentaries claim at Of value

The Myth of the Chemical Cure:  The Politics of Psychiatric Drug Treatments, 88 min, 42,000 views Prof Joanna Moncrieff, a leading prof. leading critical of psychiatric drugs whose 2 recent books I have read. A through covering of major points, but like her books a bit tedious—possible an effect of the shock treatment she once received prior to university.  Very good


Coming Off Psych Drugs: A Meeting of the Minds:  75 min, 14,000 views, gives patients view, the literature, and clinical experience, plus talks about the industry. A round-table discussion with 18 in the room, led by a psychiatrist.  Low budget, worth while Very good


 Autism – Made in the U.S.A. 101 minutes 115,000 Gary Null, on the current development of psychiatric conditions of our children, once quite rare.  Blames mercury in vaccines.  I haven’t researched the validity of this thesis.  Covers the corporate influence.  Very good


David Healy & Panel "Addiction, withdrawal, psychiatric drugs, 29 minutes, 39 min, with Healy and 3 other physicians at conference of physician.  Question and answer format.  Prof. Healy is a leading critic of pharma whose books are excellent. Good


Prescription  Drugs are the Third Leading Cause of Death, 18 min, 3,300 views, Prof. Peter Gotzsche Oxford U. Aug 2016,  starts out with drugs as the 3 leading cause of death (I would place it first), then proceed to talk about Vioxx, that the FDA & EMA don’t consider death, unless they are 95% certain that it causes.  After that he explains how he calculated 500,000 deaths from psychiatric drugs based upon the deaths among seniors in Demark to which he had the population data and extrapolated that figure for Europe and the US. His area of teaching is extrapolating from data, convincing Very Good


Pysch-drugs harm, few benefits, many harmed 59 min, 5,300 views, Prof. Peter Gotzsche, co-founder of Cochrane Review, his talk with slides on the full spectrum of psychiatric drugs and the harm they do a good wakeup call for the public Very good


The Most Important Lesson from 83,000 brain scans, 15 min 3,880,000 views TEDx, Dr. Daniel Amen, the need to do brain scans to see if there is a physical problem underlying the behavior problem, and thus needing what he calls a brain smart program (which he never describes, but through imaging shows that it works, while drugs couldn’t—industry is against it VERY GOOD I have read his 2005 book and it is a mixed bag failing to understand diet, autophagy, and he uses SSRis, etc. skip


The Truth about Depression 97 min, 30,000, views, BBC slick pro-drug (promotes the sales pitch given by Pharma) documentary which argues that depression is real, affects behavior, has causes in the brain, and needs antidepressant to fix the problem,  Sucks

Instead of treating a people with a drug that makes them feel better, pharma uses fat-soluble drugs that accumulate and remain in the body, with horrible withdrawal (very addicting), that cloud cognitive processes creating confusion and making the patient dependent on his doctor:  they are tranquilizers labeled as a panacea  A number of the illicit recreational drugs perform much better than pharma’s downers:  Amphetamines for depression (as they were legally prescribed in the 50s), marijuana and opiates for anxiety, and LSD in a clinical situation with talk therapy for major neurosis (as done in the 60s). The issue of compliance with treatment would vanish if downers helped the psychiatric patients.  For children we need to make the classes interesting and pleasant rather than drug the kids.  Behaviorist therapy (distinguished form CBT) has been shown to work best for nearly all psychiatric problems.  No more than 2%, as in the 1940s should be psychotropic drugs.  Psychiatric problems with a genetic-environmental basis have been strongly selected against in the gene pool.  With a just-ideal society and a government acting as a good parent (Plato’s analogy), psychiatric drugs would be for the 2% because the incidence of mental illness would be around 2%, and recreational drugs would have at most occasional use. 

7b  Neuroscience and conditioning 

The man with the seven second memory, 48 min, 1,262,000 views, BBC, about a rare accident that caused amnesia and how he and his wife cope with it good

Superhuman: Geniuses 46 min, 122,000 views, BBC, on 5 savants including Kim Peeks, big on human interest, another freak show Good


***** The hacking of the American Mind 33 min, 15,000 views, Prof. Robert Lustig, UCTV, interview, he raises two points, one is the difference between pleasure which is short term and happiness which is a state of mind and is long term.  We have through corporate media been turned into pleasure seekers.  He compares dopamine to serotonin and explains the role of dopamine action in the brain’s pleasure centers that create addiction through tolerance, thus requiring greater amount for the pleasure.  Dopamine (pleasure) down regulates serotonin.  Serotonin causes the state of mind that produces long-term happiness, short on love, Long version 90 min. SF public library Important


*****Moral behavior in animal 17 mins. 1,112,000 views Dr. Frans De Waal, his 2nd TedX lecture on this topic.  Very insightful about human behavior and how we are programmed to be a social animal, using chimps and other mammals. Excellent


Self-management of behavior 1976 34 min, 5.300 views, intro by BF Skinner, Fullerton Pschology center, a case of a 11 year old with uncontrolled temper fits, learns to control his behavior filmed to show how the environmental changes work. very good

*****Demonstrating Operant Conditioning (1971) 27 min 8,900 view, BF Skinner, produced and directed by Ellen Reese’s undergraduate class, demonstrates how environment shapes behavior, uses a pigeon and skinner box to shape behavior.  Very effective in showing how with a simple bird’s learning can be controlled.  Good quality for a nearly 50 year-old lecture. Excellent


8.  Healthful drugs opposed by Pharma—also go after the use of antioxidants Vitamin C & E and ignore the use of CoQ10—all of which I take, along with aspirin, see

Why You Still Need Estradiol (Estrogen) 5 min, 153 views, everything I found, the opposite with links of  what bad pharma teaches the doctors and public Very good

Testosterone 22 min, 4,100 views Australian Broadcast Corp. a lot of crap about negative behavior, then covers increased energy.  Last 5 minutes on low testosterone and negative health consequences & the benefit from high testosterone, entertaining Good

***** Lecture on vitamin C, 116 min, 228,000 views , Dr.  Suzanne Humphries to an audience of doctors on vitamin C used in very high doses (compared to USDA recommendations) antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-toxin,  antioxidant, co-enzyme in the production of collagen,  prevents atherosclerosis, etc.  Very worth watching, builds upon the work of others, convincing  Excellent 

Ascorbate and heavy metal detoxification 65 min, 23.000 views Dr. Russell Jaffee, some good points, but too much of the snake oil hype of antidotal tales and unsupportable claims SKIP

All there is to C: the vitamin C essentials 86 min, 16.000 views, Alexander Michaels, PhD Linus Pauling Institute, very knowledgeable but avoids controversy to the point of error,  weak at times on modus operandi, mostly a survey of the literature but without a word of industry funded hatchet jobs Good


9. Health issues

***** Gut Reaction Part 1 ABC Australian Broadcast Corp. Catalyst Series 28 min, 17,300 views on gut bacteria including the role of refined (low fiber free) foods & antibiotics, which causes inflammation in the gut--a causal factor for insulin resistance, diabetes, & obesity  Part 2 29 min, 2,600 views, on low fiber diet and gut bacteria causing type 2 diabetes, on colitis treatment with feces implant (which was known since the 50s), needs to add its role in inflammation in artery walls which causes coronary heart disease.  both recommended

***** Our Chemical Lives 29 min 21,000 views Australian Broadcast Corporation, about the  harmful chemicals and that they are assumed safe and thus don’t require testing, and if tested  and shown dangerous to humans by the manufacturer--unlikely Excellent 

****Fecal Bacteriotherapy (Human Probiotic Infusion) for Clostridium difficile infection 9 min 32,430 views, Australian Broadcast Corp. on the best treatment for colitis and related conditions;[1] used since the 1950s, but rarely since it is not in pharma’s financial interest to do so,  Two more: Mayo Clinic with animation and on the process of collecting and treatment  all Excellent 

***** Salt: are you getting enough 14 min, 132,000 views, What I’ve Learn, on the health benefits of salt, including lowering insulin, healthier babies, lowering risks for obesity, diabetes, and gout.  Strong on the science and journals Excellent 

*****Why low salt stress the body (Sodium, hormones & Potassium 14 min, 75,000 views, What I’ve Learned on the health benefits of salt, including lowering insulin, healthier babies, lowering risks for obesity, diabetes, and gout.  Strong on the science and journals 

*****Low sodium’s link to fat gain and insulin resistance (Salt vs Sugar) 14 min, 56,000 views What I’ve Learned Oct. 15, 2017, watched 18th.  4th in series on salt.  “How can the pros (key opinion leaders, KOLs) get it wrong?”  We need salt, more the better Excellent

Skin deep - Catalyst story on fat transfer and stem cell treatments 20 min, 2,000 views Australian Broadcast Corp.  On the market place junk claims, also covers dermatology; however, ABC missed the best ones estradiol and testosterone with many health benefits. Very good


Food is the Best Medicine 49 min, 123,000, Natasha Campbell McBride views miss the big one insulin resistance and the high fructose diet, therefore her theory on gut, nutrition, stress, and shortage of neuro-transmitters is incorrect.  A standup doctor, but with the wrong glasses, thus her proposed fixes can’t reverse NAFLD, etc.  A lecture without slides  good


MS Cure? 14 min, 104,000 views, Dr. Demasi, ABCTV, Catalyst series, on multiple sclerosis, and two maverick doctors as to cause and treatment, cause Chlamydia pneumonia.  Treatment is with 3 off-patent antibiotics, thus no clinical trials, good science  Very good  

§Tamiflu 20 min, 11,000 views, ABC Catalyst, Dr. Demasi, covers the multi-billion dollar governments around the world that stocked a drug if there was an avian flu epidemic.  The drug is supposed to prevent getting the flu, shorten the duration of the flu, and significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization—it does none of these thus isn’t worth the side effect.  Governments as part of the approval process should SAW the raw data &  knew better; however, they never ask the regulatory agencies for a guiding evaluation.  Governments permit pharma to hide the evidence, this is the norm Very Good

Artificial Sweeteners 17 min, 7,700 views, ABC Catalyst, a balanced program which shows that artificial sweeteners though safe don’t promote weight loss in quality studies—not covered is that the biological complex weight-regulatory system, for those long-term overweight is malfunctioning, and the biology come first, as Prof. Lustig explains in the Complete Skinny on Obesity, it needs to be reset  Very good

Gluten: a gut feeling 27 min, 25,000 views  

Testosterone 22 min, 5,000 views, ABC Catalyst Series, spent too much time on cognitive functions thus  missed or didn’t stress it main benefits,  mood elevation, lower rate of prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, and dementia,  Good

Diagnosing depression 8 min, 17,000 views

Smell – our most underestimated sense, 27 min

Fit in 6 minutes, 28 min, 111,000 views

Exercise and cancer  25 min, 31,000 views, ABC catalyst, while not critical of , it clearly shows from a patient point of view the health benefits of cancer during the period of getting chemo through stimulation of the body’s immune system, missed was the lower cancer risk with regular strenuous, which is supported by journal articles, entertaining, weak on science  Okay

Mercury, 17 min, 3,600 view, ABC Catalyst Series, on polluted river and bay and fishing, drawing attention to a ma- made environmental hazard, and fixes   Good 

E: Cigarettes:  Welcome Back, Big Back Tobacco 40 min, 364,000 views CBC 5th Estate  documentary that misses the health consequences of inhaling chemical that are not listed or scientifically tested for safety, also misses that more smokers die from heart attacks than cancer, entertaining Good


10.  Health Science -- (WARNING:  pharma produces marketing videos disguised as science)

***** Live long die Young, 28 min 27,000 views, ABC Catalyst on what promotes longevity. Points that low IGF1 and low protein-carb fasting lowers IFG1 and promotes autophagy, thus is life extending and lowers rate of age related conditions  Excellent

***** Why exercise is so underrated (brain power and Movement link) 15 min 836,000 views, What I’ve Leaned, full of quality information, great production, about the health benefits of strenuous exercise too many to list here, the brain benefits the most  Excellent 

*****How to quit sugar and unhealthy habits 15 min, 483,000 views What I have Learned on why people get hooked on sugar and how to quit bad habits Excellent

Why Sleep is critical for the body and brain 14 min, 232,000 views, What I’ve Learned

*****Muscle Contraction Process:  Molecular Mechanism 4 min, 697,000 views, 3D animation on the processes of how muscles contracts, the complete process  a similar quality illustrated explanation at Excellent

*****Biology: Cell Structure  7 min, 3,900,000  covers everything you need to know, for one who is familiar with basic biological processes.  Concise, accurate, professional animation. Excellent

*****1 Cellular Respiration Glycolysis, Krebs cycle, Electron Transport 3D Animation 6 min.4,000 views, covers everything you need to know, for one who is familiar with basic biological processes.  Concise, accurate, professional animation. Excellent

Powering the Mind 28 min, 12,000 views. ABC Catalyst on the brain and its development, more personal experience than the other health ones in this series (dumbed down) but opening the door to understanding how the brain rules, but not much, entertaining Good

Antibiotic Resistance, 29 min, 75,000 views ABC Catalyst , a quality documentary covering all the major issues but two big ones, first that pharma pours into the public and doctors’ minds the scare of antibiotic resistance as a way to market new and dangerous antibiotics.  Second issue missed is that antibiotics are made by plants and bacteria to carve out a food niche, and thus in nature’s world this warfare has been going on for billions of years, thus our antibiotics affect only a small part of that warfare.  Having known of health disasters, I hold that older is better, and new as a last resort,  Good

Science Myths and Health Misconceptions 43 min `46,000 views, DW (German gov. funded), exposes about 20 common myths, while leaving the big ones alone, very conscious of will be offended and who will benefit.  Good as far as dealing with false beliefs and the need to understand the underlying process to uncover the myth, however, fails to develop the biggest source industry funded studies by scientist for hire, though it mentions the role of media, quality video Okay

The Aging but Resilient Brain:  Keeping Neurons Happy 75 minutes 83,000 views, Prof. Joel Kramer, a KOL attached to pharma, UCTV thus has its talking points, Claims underlying biological mechanisms of cognitive aging, and interventions to optimize cognitive functioning as we age.  He misses  sex hormones and antioxidants that protect the brain, the harm caused by statins and psychiatric drugs, the importance of aerobic exercise (BDNF), neurotrophic facts (NTFs), autophagy, and coconut oil which is converted to Bata hydroxybutyrate.  More junk to create confusion thanks to pharma & search for drugs  Skip


11.  Chiropractics, Alternative Medicine -- what shapes bad pharma, the profits measurement, also shapes alternative medicine—both do tobacco science & follow tobacco ethics.

*****Chiropractors Australian Broadcast Corporation 27 min, 10,000 views, excellent quality investigative reporting on chiropractics Eye opening on quackery

War on Health-The FDA Cult of Tyranny, 125 minutes, 81,000 views, by Gary Null, starts with 25 minute lecture by Null.  On how FDA is big pharma friendly, thus uses its regulatory power to ban and close down sales of supplements for claims of benefits that haven’t been demonstrated; uses mainly interviews.  Pleasing to those who are into alternative unscientific medicine good 108 min 509,000 without lecture  very good


12.  GMO

***** The World according to Monsanto 109 min, 612,000 views, National Film board of Canada covers all aspects, uses science & scientists, convincing excellent

*****Monsanto, the Future of Food 2004, 89 min, 19,000 views, starts with history of industrialized farming, court rulings giving Monsanto right to cross pollination with their genes, on how Monsanto now owned by Bayer Chemicals is taking over the world’s seed supply, also concentration of farming and retailers so that everything is geared to maximize profits, Excellent  

Monsanto, Patent for a Pig, 43 min, 8,500 views on how Monsanto in 2006 was attempting to expand its patent to that of pigs on the basis a particular genetic fingerprint.  Show how with the global corporate system is taking over the food supply very troubling

*****Genetic Roulette 80 min, 1,118 (6/13/15) views all aspect of GMOs Gary Null & Jeffery Smith, uses science and scientists, convincing  excellent  

Seeds of Death, unveiling lies of GMOs  by Garry Null, 120 min, 1,636,000 views, Gary Nulls on GMO, book by William Engdahl, 2007, mostly interviews, very convincing,

Monsanto wants total control, covers up grave GMO dangers RT News, interview Jeffery Smith, 26 min, 39,000, views, 2013, excellent interview Good

Monsanto A Documentary on GMO 66 min, 231,000 views, mostly on the consequences to farmers, how the state promotes GMO via laws  Limited interest

GMO Science Australian Broadcast Corporation, Catalyst Series 7 min, 400 views, on GMO crops, BT crop , supposed only binds to protein in insect guts, toxicological testing are not required  excellent


The Dark side of Fast Food:  GMO Food — GMOs are Worse Than We Thought - Dr. Russell Blaylock (sales pitch, Newsletter, etc.) Much better in his book than this lecture, low quality


13 .  Commercial farming, regulatory capture of FDA, organic?

§ Food Inc., on corporate farms, YouTube for $1.00  Low budget, exposes how corporations turned framing into a product machine for profits not health good

The Truth About Your Food Inc. Film maker Robert  Kenner, 58 min.  626,000 views, what corporations have done to the famer and health issues good

 FARMAGEDDON:  The True Coast of Cheap Meat by Philip Lymbergy and Isable Oakeshoff, available for $3.00 on YouTube good

Avocado – a positive superfood trend? 28 minutes, DW, German gov. in English.   Corporate farms in Chile grow avocados, gain water rights, drain rivers, and lower water tables, which affects towns and small farms.  Water rights are a commodity defended by national government and praised by media.  Water becomes rationed, rates multiply.  This is the blue print of corporate farms.  Missing in film is the requirements of free-trade agreements, and forced on them Very good

Today’s Modern Food:  It’s not what you think – part 1, 20 min,776,000 on nutrition, contaminants, bacteria poisoning, commercial operations, GMOs, additives, etc.             Part 2, 19 min, 239,000 views

Supermarket Secrets and Deceptions By BBC, about what we buy from corporations  Part 1, 49 min, 556,000 views,    Part 2, 49 min, 76,000 views  good

War on Health:  57 min, 25,000 views, how the FDA goes after stores which sell raw foods, pharmaceutical company and clinics that make and distribute alternative medicines, and the very distribution of information on health benefits.  The FDA uses the courts and armed FDA officers to seize products and close businesses that violate their big business friendly rulings. Very good

In Organic We Trust:  the meaning of certified Organic covers the development of organic labeling of foods, and how it has been turned into business as usual:  a tool for corporate farms and inspection by private corporations. 2013 Free now slow, chatty, important good

Fed Up, 58 min, 9111,000 views, on GMOs spreading, and corporate farming which displaces small-scale farmers, and the problem of lack of distribution of wealth Good         


13.  Science topics

***** Silence of the Labs   45 min, 15,000 views, CBC.  Their government’s war on science in the public’s interest.  What is true about Canadian government policy is even more-true for the US government.  The science behind drug safety, effects of pollution, nutrition and all else that that effects corporations is being replaced by corporate tobacco science or silence.  Cognitive dissonance is created by the two answers, one of which shows GMOs, statins, SSRIs, etc. as safe Excellent

What medical doctors are taught about nutrition 1 min, 1,100 views Dr. Jason Fung. His nutrition training in the last 20 years is no more than 5 minutes.  very good

The Tobacco conspiracy, 52 min. 4000 views, quality documentary on how tobacco promotes their product, gives meat to the phrases tobacco science, and tobacco ethics. That pharma, like tobacco, puts profits before peoples is a result of unregulated capitalism.  On advertising, joint action, the complicity of government, their use of expert for hire Very good

Anthropocene 28 min 28,000 view  ABC Catalyst

The Silent ANZAC –AE2 21 min, 5,000 views


The documentaries are on the consequences of corporate tobacco ethics upon healthcare system, farming, and manufactured foods.  The fix starts with understanding our foe, the corporate system and organizing to oppose their political voice.  If you want to learn through videos about the forces which make tobacco ethics determine government policies around the world and its consequences then click on this link,

[1] Colitis, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease should be treated the same.  Doctors are trained to make subtle distinctions, and to sculpture a treatment to their classification.  This in most cases is merely market ploy creating an aura of expertise and personal care.  Most of this is pure marketing dressed up as science.   


Harvard Prof. Dr. Marcia Angell: “We certainly are in a health care crisis, ... If we had set out to design the worst system that we could imagine, we couldn't have imagined one as bad as we have.”