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Recommended Dietary Testimonials


The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung & Jimmy Moore, October 2016

Nearly all 5 star reviews, book came out 10/2016 and in less than a month it has 102 reviews (11/11/16) of which 85% are 5 stars.  After a couple of months I liked short-term fasting so much that I do it an average of 6 days a week.  I have lots of energy, mild hunger which I satisfy with lemon tea or occasionally bell peppers.  I only eat about half-the carbs I used to, and still I lost 5 pounds without trying.  I didn’t need to lose weight when I started, I was testing short-term fasting.  I found it much easier that the ketogenic (Atkins) diet. I would still be losing weight, but Janice says I am getting too thin.  The other half to the short-term fasting is cut refined carbs and replacing them with fats—saturated and monounsaturated fats are the healthiest. Cutting carbs keeps insulin low, and prevent grazing, needing to eat every three hours when metabolizing carbs. 

Review by Heyokah

Not too little, not too much, just right. All the information I ever wanted or needed to know about fasting in one easily accessible format. And yes, I've had the book less than a day, and have only been reading for several hours, but I'm already familiar with the practice of non-religious fasting as briefly outlined in Dr. Fung's The Obesity Code, and I can see that this new book fills in all the gaps. I currently practice a daily intermittent fasting routine with a 16 hour fast, and an 8 hour feeding window. Does it work? Absolutely! I'm 69, female, and my current A1C is 4.3, my labs are all within normal limits, I take no daily medications, and I've lost 33 pounds. These are important numbers for those of us who view fasting as a journey to better health, and the accompanying weight loss as a most serendipitous side effect. Now I'm ready to ramp up my game and The Complete Guide to Fasting is just the ticket.

In response to question about the above review concerning her prior condition she wrote:

I discovered Dr. Fung about 14 months ago on Dietdoctor.com, a high fat low carb site (HFLC.) But it took me another two months to get up the courage to try fasting--I worried that if I did manage to complete a 16:8 day, I'd be so ravenous I'd effectively erase the health benefits of fasting by bingeing and gaining even more weight. But once I got into a pattern I found I liked fasting: it was so much more peaceful and less stressful than dieting for me, perhaps partially because I was already keto adapted. Your own N=1 may be different, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I've done two 32 hour fasts without difficulty since getting the book and I'm feeling really empowered.

My labs were not normal and I took medications for hyperlipidemia, hypertension, thyroid, and migraine: the blood sugar issues I was instructed to control with diet and exercise. I had three kidney surgeries in one year and a heart cath. I was forced to give up my home and the job I loved and move in with my daughter and son-in-love due to my health and mobility issues. I started eating clean seven years ago, soon after family and friends gathered for my "last" Christmas. Talk about an effective, if unplanned, Intervention! I ate low carb and organic, advanced to a HFLC diet, became fat adapted in 2014, and began IF a year later hoping to end a 24 month plateau. I have lost 33 pounds this year, close to 100 pounds overall, and, more importantly, now live independently and in good health in my own home. Fasting to me isn't about giving up or doing without, it's about getting back and fulfilling my plans for living in the leap. :)


Review by Justin G.

This book is really great from front to back and it's presented in a straightforward manner for anyone whom knows nothing about fasting to approach. Going over what it is, what the myths and benefits of it are, before diving into how to do it and tips for success. Obviously if you're curious about fasting you probably know about the fat loss benefits, but you may not know of the other health benefits. I've spent a good portion of the last year deep diving into the science of fasting, and reading nutrition literature about it this book hits on all the nuanced fasting benefits making them mostly easy to understand for a layperson. It covers the neurological benefits, ketosis, insulin role in our metabolism, autophagy, and an explanation of mTOR inhibition, the later two of which have huge anti-cancer and anti-aging potentials.

Finally, I was very skeptical of fasting in the past, and I'm glad to now have come full circle into being a proponent of it. If you are uninformed, I recommend reading about it, making an informed decision, and ultimately trying it!


Review by R. Gantz

Have been waiting for this book to be published - and it was worth the wait. MUST READ for everyone who is proactive about their health - this is not just about weight loss -- it's about disease prevention - cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, T2 diabetes, epilepsy and others. I hope that our doctors, and our nation, will finally begin paying attention to real results, new studies and this "new" old wisdom. Dr. Fung has become is an expert in reversing/curing T2 diabetes and his YouTube videos are extremely helpful and compelling. Jimmy Moore has been a great resource for all of us trying to figure out how to LIVE better, eat ketogenically and he brought a lot of resources to us through his podcasts. This is a great collaboration on the book. Thanks for doing it -- I plan to give as a gift to many friends and family members. I discovered Dr. Fung's "Obesity Cure" 5 months ago...and through following a fasting/intermittent fasting (IF)/ketogenic set of protocols, I've changed my life.


 review, Jim Wright

Dr. Jason Fung's book The Obesity Code changed my life by answering my main question: why won't the weight stay off? Every time I'd lost weight, no matter how I'd gone about it, I eventually hit a wall and stalled, then gradually gained everything back. His insulin resistance theory of obesity made perfect sense. I'm prediabetic, so reducing my blood sugar has been a concern anyway. The Obesity Code (re)introduced the idea of fasting for health to me, and gave me enough info to start, but I wanted more.

Dr. Fung's blog at his Intensive Dietary Management clinic and his videos on the Diet Doctor provided more information about fasting, and this new book incorporates a lot of that material. But it is more than just a rehash of the blog posts. The Complete Guide to Fasting is well organized, and expands on the topics he's been writing about the last few years, providing detailed practical advice for safely getting started with fasting, from intermittent (as few as twelve hours) to extended (1+ weeks). The book features comments from other fasting advocates, and stories from people whose lives have been bettered by therapeutic fasting. You'll get the historical background, cultural traditions, and methods of fasting. You'll get a buffet of fasting options that can include some calories, and the pros and cons of each. You'll even get some recipes, because a book on fasting also spends some pages explaining how to maximize your results between fasts, and that means eating healthy and satisfying food.

There are approaches to fasting that you may learn about elsewhere - just do a YouTube search. The advice here is targeted to improving your health, particularly regarding metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes). He doesn't overinflate his claims; some claim fasting can cure a wide variety of ailments, but he sticks to what he both knows, and prescribes to his patients, and has documented their success.

Some people may claim that fasting is crazy talk. And for some it might be: he notes who should not fast, and who should be very cautious about it. He urges working with a medical professional if you have certain conditions, take certain medications, are of a certain age, and so on. This is a sober and cautious book.

I've personally done 5-7 day fasts based on Dr. Fung's approach, and did so safely. I've seen the benefits in action. I recommend this book.


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