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Megan,Fung's office manager, testimonial

By the Megan Ramos who manages in Dr. Fung’s clinic Intensive Dietary Management Program the contacts with patients and out patients (their long-distant program info at https://intensivedietarymanagement.com/long-distance-program/) with whom they direct the testing, dieting program, and drug management through the patient’s local doctor. Cost is $500 Canadian dollars. 


Introducing the IDM Program Director, Megan Ramos 6/24/16

Good morning everyone! I would like to introduce myself: my name is Megan (Christie) Ramos, and I am the Intensive Dietary Management Program's Director.  My major role in the IDM Program is to facilitate the patient's education on the IDM dietary principles and counsel them on their fasting regimens.  I get to work with patients both in office and in our long distance program.  In the long distance program I have been fortunate enough to work with patients in Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa, and all over the United States of America and Canada.  I have learned so much from all of my patients, especially since they all come from such different parts of the globe.  You guys have educated me so much on all of the different dietary struggles among the various cultures of the world, which has enabled me to help patients even more!

 The IDM Program was very small when it first started. Dr. Fung was blogging here and there.  We decided I was going to start blogging too.  My blogs were supposed to focus on foods, recipes, fasting tips and carbohydrate addiction.  I wrote a few blogs very early on but then the IDM Program suddenly boomed!  I became so busy I was unfortunately unable to keep up with the blogs.  Things finally started to settle down in the clinic but then my personal life became crazy.  My husband's job landed him in Palo Alto, California.  We have had to travel back-and-forth between.  Also, we had to move up our wedding date a year-and-a-half early to January 2016!  The craziness just continued all around.

Since getting married in January, my husband and I were bombarded with people telling us we were going to lose our lovely figures and get fat.  Nice wedding sentiments, right?  We decided to prove them wrong and get into our best shape.  We had both been low carb since I initially started following the IDM protocol and lost 60 pounds, but this year we decided to start following a ketogenic diet 95% of the time (we aren't perfect and pizza happens on special occasions).  Since February 1st we have lost 50 pounds of body fat between the two of us and neither of us have ever felt this good in our lives. I have all of this energy now, which is fantastic, and I have finally caught-up on my blogging!

I thought I would use Dr. Fung's holiday time to resume posting my dietary advice for our followers.  Next's week's post will be geared towards two major holidays in North America: Canada Day and Independence Day B.B.Q.'s.  We will discuss how to enjoy the upcoming B.B.Q. season safely.  It is actually the healthiest season of all.  I will share some of my favourite summertime recipes with you guys to bring to your parties over the long weekend (I have a killer alternative for ice cream coming your way!).  After that we will focus on fat fasting.  It is a great way to help combat carbohydrate addiction for those of you just starting off on low carb diets and trying to figure out what fats you should be eating.  A lot of people find fat fasting to be good training for real fasting as well.

I will continue to blog about diet strategies, food and share my favourite low carb and ketogenic recipes once Dr. Fung as returned in July.  I am so excited to be back in the world of blogging and can't wait to share everything I've learned from my own personal journey and from all of my patients with you!

Please check out my own patient profile if you would like to read more about my own journey as a patient in the IDM Program by clicking here.


Her response to a question by John

You could join the long distance program (instructions on our ‘join’ page. We can connect via GoToMeeting. We no longer use Skype. You can always email me atintensivedietarymanagement@gmail.com. Today is a holiday (Canada Day), but I can get back to you early next week.

You should really discuss with your doctor what is best for you. Dr. Fung is first and foremost a kidney specialist. Most of our patients have some degree of kidney disease, and we even have some on dialysis.




IDM Patient Profile September 2014 – Megan   ---   9/19/14    PICTURES BELOW

This is Megan Christie.  I am not only  your IDM Program Manager, Megan Christie, I’m also a patient!  Alright, not exactly a patient, but I was the program’s very first guinea pig, and the patient profile for the month of September.

I recently turned 30 last month, stand at 5’2” and weigh-in at 115 lbs.  When I first counsel new patients about how easy the program is, they always roll their eyes at me. “Easy for you to say,” “Only because you are young,” and “You do not have any health problems.” are typical responses.  While fairly slim and healthy now, that wasn’t always the case. Like most patients, I have struggled with my weight and health over the years.

I would like to take this blog post to tell the readers and our patients a little bit more about myself and my history with the program.

My Story

    Before Weight Gain


When I was younger I could eat my weight in Mc Nuggets every day without gaining a pound.  At 23-years-old I only weighed 97 pounds and ate more than a frat boy.  One of my friends made me a scrapbook for my birthday that year. On one of the pages she placed photos of me eating my biggest dietary vice, Mc Nuggets. The caption said “I hate you for being able to eat so much junk food and not gaining any weight.” I didn’t have problems maintaining my weight or staying healthy, but my mother always warned me things would go downhill at 35, or maybe even sooner.

 After Weight Gain

 I suddenly gained 53 pounds over a period of four or five months shortly after my 26th birthday. This amount of weight gain just devastated me. I knew I had not been eating great, but I could always eat the same foods and maintain my weight without difficulty.  I immediately stopped eating all of the junk and started following a strict low fat diet where I counted calories meticulously. I would eat about 800 calories and limited myself to less than 15 grams of fat per day. I took the advice of one of my friends, who had been following weight watchers, and ate five or six times throughout the day. I also worked out for an hour five times a week. The first two weeks I lost about six pounds a week. The following four weeks I lost roughly a pound a week. I was down 10 lbs and was pleased, however, the weight loss stopped after that despite my efforts. [That is when the hormone leptin kicks in to preserve fat by lowering metabolism and increasing appetite—see figure 2, at JAMA A to Z trial --.jk]   In fact, I started to gain back some of the weight I had lost.

During this time I was eating all of these “low fat,” “no fat,” “fat free,” and “no sugar added” foods, and I was gaining weight. I felt defeated. I went to my physician and she tested my thyroid. I saw another specialist and he tested my thyroid. As ridiculous as this sounds I even tested my thyroid too. After 15 times over a three-month period, I concluded my thyroid function was normal.

My physician recommended I see a dietician, so I went to see a very prominent dietician in Toronto. It cost $1250 for six 30-minute appointments with this woman.  She reviewed my food list.  She said I had been making excellent choices. She told me I must have a very low metabolism and need to exercise more.  Exercise more? Five hours of exercise a week was not enough? I went to the gym every morning and evening for the next two weeks. My weight had not changed. I went back to see the dietician. She rolled her eyes at me. I knew she thought I was lying to her. Her advice – try harder. That was the last time I went to see her despite having four more appointments I had already paid for.

I was beyond frustrated. I was also starving despite eating 6 small meals a day. I never felt full consuming all of these so-called “healthy” foods. I was constantly obsessing over foods.  I did not know what to do next, but then I came across this article about one of my favourite celebrities, Beyoncé. She had just given birth and was able to lose all of her baby weight by following this “Master Cleanse” for 40 days. It is essentially just water, fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper and some pure maple syrup all mixed together. The Cleanse requires you to consume nothing but this concoction and water for at least a week. The next day I started my Master Cleanse and after about 8 hours I was a mess. I picked a slow day at work to start the cleanse because I thought I would have to do my best to conserve my energy since I wasn’t “fueling up” on food. All I could think about was how I could not eat all day long. After work I went home and ate my weight in pasta. That was the first and last day of my Master Cleanse.  At the time I remember thinking this was just more evidence to conclude the amazing Beyoncé is not entirely human!

Not long after my failed Master Cleanse attempt I was diagnosed with a treatable heart condition and an early stage of a rare cancer some specialist believed to be related to my aspartame intake – I am a reformed diet soda-a-holic.  Shortly afterwards, my physician informed me that my HbA1c had climbed up to 6.2%. She gave me the whole speech about diabetes and how it is a chronic progressive illness that would just lead to more and more medical complications down the road. I did not need this speech. I have been working in clinical research in nephrology since I was 18-years-old.   Most of my research has focused on the progression of kidney disease, and almost every one of my study subjects had kidney disease secondary to type 2 diabetes. I literally watched diabetes destroy people’s health every day.   What really got me was that most of my patients developed diabetes in their 40’s and 50’s, and they had developed numerous diabetic related illnesses within 10 years of their initial diagnosis. I was developing diabetes in my 20’s! What did this mean for me 10 years down the road?  To say I was petrified is an understatement.  I wouldn’t have wished diabetes on my worst enemy.

However, Dr. Fung believed there was a way he could help people reverse their diabetes. This concept was contrary to everything I had ever learned about diabetes, but Dr. Fung has been a colleague of mine for over a decade. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him both as a physician and a person. Although certain there was no way he could reverse diabetes, I decided to listen one of his presentations. Everything made sense. Something clicked and I understood why I had gained the weight, why I couldn’t lose the weight, and why I had developed borderline diabetes.

I still had a hard time wrapping my mind around his theories, since they were the total opposite I had ever learned in university or through my work experience. As a clinical researcher I am trained to question everything, but why hadn’t I questioned this? The way diabetes is managed never made sense.  The way we educate people on weight loss never made sense. I had just accepted everything I had been told about diabetes and obesity without asking, why do we treat these conditions.



I won’t lie to you.  I really thought I would fail at intermittent fasting just like I did at the Master Cleanse, which is essentially a fasting cleanse. This time I was determined to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I was scared.  I had tried to do the Master Cleanse before on my slowest day of the week, which just gave me a lot of time to think about food.  This time I decided to fast on my busiest days of the week. I decided to fast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 24 hours.



The first day was very difficult. I see so many patients now who can fast for weeks [alternate day fasting] on end without struggling very much at all, but I did struggle with it a bit for the first couple of weeks.  On my very first attempt to do a 24 hour fast  I could only last for 22 hours.  I decided going into this to be very positive.  I had to do this or face a life of chronic illness.  I told myself that 22 hours was still a great success.  That was 22 hours longer than I had ever fasted before.  I wasn’t even hungry by the end of the 22 hours.  I just wanted to eat.  I didn’t need to eat.  This is when I truly knew that fasting was all mind over matter.

    I was able to reach the 24 hour mark successfully on my second fasting day.  Since I had determined fasting was purely a state of mind, I decided the best way to achieve the full 24 hours of fasting was to keep busy.  I decided to go to the gym before I got home to occupy my time. Before I walked into the gym that evening I thought I was going to fall off of the spin bike, but figured there were enough people there to save me if that happened. My spin class was actually a lot easier for me to do while fasting than it was on a regular day!


    Each fasting day got better.  At first I did experience daily headaches, but some good homemade bone broth with sea salt did the trick. I drank three cups a day. After a month the headaches were a thing of the past.  My energy levels started to increase after a month too. After two months of fasting I was able to increase the duration of my fast to 36 hours without difficulty. I will also fast for seven days every now and then when I know I haven’t been eating as well as I should on my eating days.  Now I actually feel better on fasting days than I do on eating days.


 I weighed 100 pounds prior to my weight gain. I knew this weight was probably too low for me. My goal was to get to 120 pounds. I was able to lose 33 pounds and reach my target weight within 3 months. I have been able to keep this weight off for over a year and a half without difficulty. In fact, I lost another 15 pounds of unhealthy fat without trying to lose any more weight, and then I put on 10 pounds of lean muscle tissue.  My HbA1c was checked last week and it is now 4.8%!  I have never felt so good or have been in better shape.  Also, I used to have to take medication for ADHD while attempting certain tasks too, but now I don’t need to take anything.  I have never been able to focus so well in my life! 







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