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4 things better than vitamin supplement


Concise Recommendations -- at http://healthfully.org/rc/id14.html ----  11/23/13


Experience has taught us to question everything.  Man is a group animal, and his faiths are created by his associations.  Nevertheless man is capable of logic and coming to sound reasoned conclusions.  What follows below are summations based upon longer papers which arrive at reasoned conclusions contrary to pharma generated medical opinions.  The first premise in this process is to understand in detail the fact that pharma controls the practice of medicine, and that corporate ethics always compromises the public’s well-being—see bottom section.  We have expert-based medicine with pharma providing the experts.  Thus what follows though well supported by journal articles; is not taught by the experts nor covered in the corporate media.  In addition to a healthful lifestyle, these drugs make a major difference.   


Four Very Healthful Drugs

Aspirin: In the 1950s, when I was growing up, aspirin was the dominant over-the-counter drug for mild pain, arthritis, anti-inflammatory, and colds. It came in 500 mgs, and the initial dose was 2, followed by 1 every 3 hours, or as needed. The standard daily usage for arthritic and joint pain, and chronic lower back pain was 2.5 grams per day, with 7.5 grams as the upper limit—this continued to be recommended by doctors until the 1990s. Annual production reached a peak in the U.S. of 20,000 tons in 1958. Nothing has changes since the 1960s as to its risk factors, and several major benefits were since discovered including those of prevention of blood clots, heart attacks, cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and increased cancer survival, yet its sales have decline until now it is 8th--mostly from the ineffective under 100 mg dose for those at risk of a heart attack. Aspirin is an NSAID, the only safe one. The American Heart Association warns that all NSAIDs[1] increase significantly the risk of heart attack but for aspirin. Being 8th is proof that pharma controls drug usage. Among its significant benefits areprevention of hardening of the arteries, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and thrombosis which causes heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolism, and kidney damage. Aspirin reduces significantly the top three killers. Because of its anti-inflammatory action, “It is the standard against which all rheumatoid arthritis medication should be measured” Goodman & Gilman 11th Ed, 2006. Aspirin is the drug of choice for osteoarthritis, Merck Manuel 15th Ed. p 973. Aspirin’s anti-inflammatory action prevents hardening of the arteries, which is essentially an inflammatory process that oxidizes LDL. Aspirin also promotes the death of abnormal cells by stimulating the body’s mechanism for destruction of abnormal cells (necrosis factor) including trauma damaged cells and precancerous and cancerous cells. By doing so it both prevents most cancers and promotes survival For example, with breast cancer the rate is reduced over 40% and survival of stages I, II & III increased over 60% (doesn’t affect metastatic cancers). Yet the FDA gives it the lowest approval rating for cancer treatment. Pharma attacks the usage aspirin because it would drastically reduce the sales of nearly half their blockbusters. Besides ignoring aspirin’s benefits, pharma has blown out of proportion its health risks. Doctors automatically blame all major & minor bleeding episodes on aspirin, though scientific studies shown an increased risk of ulcer to 4% over 5 years. This occurs because of pylori bacteria in their stomachs. Goodman and Gilman supra, comment that “many clinicians favor the use of other NSAIDs perceived to have better gastrointestinal tolerability, even though this perception remains unproven by convincing clinical trial”. And to prevent the next generation from taking aspirin, pharma and the FDA warn about Reyes Syndrome. Once diagnosed based on symptom with 555 cases in 1980, with the advent of genetic testing for the metabolic syndrome it dropped to two cases in 1994. This drop in frequency is ignored by pharma and the FDA. Finally on dosage: pharma reduced aspirin from 500 to 325 mg, and initial dose from 1 gram to 325 mg, which is too low to be effective for pain and inflammation. Effective dose for pain and arthritis is 2.5 gm daily. For prevention of blood clot (thrombosis) cancer, atherosclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease 325 mg once or twice daily, and twice that amount as chemotherapy for cancer. For over 50 years 2.5 grams or more taken by millions for arthritis--the 1987 Merck Manual recommends 3.5 grams daily. The increased ulcer risk was known for over a century, but it took pharma’s unwarranted assault to change doctor’s opinion. Moreover the other NSAIDs increase the risk of ischemic heart attacks and strokes, and acetaminophen (Tylenol) causes asthma and liver failure. Tens of millions have died early from cancer, ischemic heart attacks & strokes, and Alzheimer’s disease because the marketplace has no conscience.

Q10 (CoQ10): recognized as the most effective antioxidant. A number of major health conditions are caused by oxidative damage including hardening of the arteries for which Q10 is protective. Q10 is found in every cell in the body because it is used by the mitochondria in the production of ATP from glucose. ATP accounts for 95% of the body’s energy. The antioxidant nature of Q10 derives from its energy carrier function in the production of ATP. As an energy carrier, the Q10 molecule is continually going through an oxidation-reduction cycle. It is the best of anti-oxidants because it is distributed throughout the body. It is found in LDL (bad cholesterol) and thus protects by preventing oxidative damage to LDL which is the initial step in the process that results in hardening of the arteries (cardiovascular disease, CVD). High blood pressure is a result of clogged, stiff arteries. CVD causes over 80% of heart attacks and strokes. It protects other tissues from oxidative damage and thereby reduces the risk for a number of serious conditions including Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s diseases, CVD, and macular degeneration. The second important function is protection of the mitochondria from damage from the reactive chemicals produced in the metabolism of glucose. Long term usage of Q10 through protection of the mitochondria a greater production of ATP, thus greater endurance and improved health for the elderly. It is particular beneficial for those with heart disease, hypertensions, diabetics; and for those taking statins or beta blocker (for hypertension), for these drugs partially block the bodily production of Q10 (40% for statins) and the other products of the mevalonate pathway. All these benefits from long-term Q10 add up to an increase in lifespan and greater endurance. Q10 is not toxic: a study found that daily dose of 3600 mg was well tolerated by both the healthy and unhealthy patients. Recommendation: 100 mg for children, being gradually increased to 300 mg by the age of 40--and its yearly cost through Costco is under $70 for Kirkland brand Q10.

Natural Estrogen (Estradiol) with progesterone HRT: What every woman should be taking because of the numerous, major health benefits, benefits that would slash pharma’s profits. As Dr. Ben Goldacre says, “the devil hides in the details.” Of the 4 natural estrogens, only estradiol (E2, 17β-estradiol) has major benefits. Two (estriol (E3) and estetrol (E4)) are found in pregnant women. They should not be used in HRT because they block estradiol’s action. Big pharma being against hormone replacement therapy (HRT) markets ineffective products at too low a dose, and Prempro, the most popular HRT. Based on marketing science, including a major clinical trial by the FDA which used Prempro, a combination of estrogen derived from pregnant mare’s urine and the progestin MPA. The biological effects of mare’s estrogens are different than human estrogen and MPA blocks the some of the positive effects of estrogen. The result contradicted other trials because of the use of Prempro. The finding for Prempro[2] cannot be validly applied to the natural estradiol and progesterone—though pharma and the FDA did. The FDA warns that HRT (hormone replacement therapy) has only one valid medical use, to manage hot flashes, and it should be used at the lowest dose for the shortest time. Earlier trials and epidemiological studies found that HRT lowers Alzheimer’s 83%, heart attacks 32%, cronary heart disease 50%, colorectal cancer 46%, breast cancer 73%, thrombosis 8%, osteoporosis fractures 90%, macular degeneration 65%, reduces & prevents arthritic join destruction, firmer breasts, healthier skin(less wrinkles, thicker, 48% more collagen), reduces hair loss, improved cognitive function, less depression and mental illness, and a general feeling of well-being with increased libido. Estradiol is the only effective treatment to prevent osteoporosis, and its methods of cardiovascular protection are well documented. The lack of estradiol is the reason for the precipitous decline in health of women. Life extension with long-term natural HRT should be at least 4 years—though clinical trials do not address this. Because of an increase in a low incident cancer (uterus) a progestin (synthetic orally active hormone with some progesterone properties) is added to hormone replacement therapy rather than the natural progesterone which isn’t orally active—except when micronized and suspended in oil. Thus like testosterone which isn’t orally active, the best method of application is a lotion obtained from a compounding pharmacy in a dose of 4 mgs estradiol plus 100 mg of progesterone per application--absorption rate is about 15% . Apply widely as possible over the torso, back, shoulders, underarms, and face using water and rubbing it in to promote better absorption. Recently progesterone has been micronized in oil and available as a pill. Ideal free-serum estradiol level is 7-9 pg/mL. A compounding pharmacy can prepare a pill consisting of 2 mg of estradiol with 50 mg of progesterone. The lotion form is better for the skin. Plant sources of estrogen are not very effective. Doctors who follow the Wiley Protocol are other methods of hormone balancing for post-menopausal women are milking the insurance and patient, it lacks sound scientific evidence. Keep it simple.

Testosterone: the male hormone that is almost identical in structure to estrogen and thus has many of the same benefits as estrogen. Noticeable benefits for testosterone: quality of life in 4 weeks, depressed mood in 30 weeks, bone mass in 26 weeks, lipid profile in 52, inflammation in 12 weeks, sexual interest in 6 weeks, erection/ejaculation in 26 weeks, red cells in 52 weeks, insulin sensitivity in 52 weeks , muscle strength in 16 weeks, fat mass in 16 weeks (Eur J Endocrinol. 2011, Nov. 675-85). Other benefits include improved cognitive function, reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and the resultant heart attacks and strokes. The negative claims made against testosterone are more of pharma’s marketing science. It is not associated with higher cholesterol levels or prostate cancer, but rather the reverse. “Testosterone does not cause or produce deleterious effects on prostate cancer” Wiki. Recommended: once serum cholesterol level drops below 350, to use 100 mg of testosterone in a topical cream. Ideal level in the 850 to 1200 ng/dL or higher. Increased to 150 mg at age 75 as effects diminish--bio-receptors and response decreases with age as does the level of free (available) testosterone. Current assay methods are inaccurate as to measurement of free testosterone. Best source for testosterone is from a compounding pharmacy. Apply widely as possible over the torso, back, shoulders, underarms, and face using water and rubbing it in to promote better absorption. Doctors who follow a program of hormone balance are milking the insurance and patient. There is probably a value to taking also HGH, though how much lacks quality evidence.

To this should be added vitamin C, used not as a vitamin but as a water soluble antioxidant. I take a gram a day of either sodium or calcium ascorbate (the mild, non-acidic form of vitamin C). CoQ10 is a fat soluble antioxidant. Since oxidative damage builds up is the major causal factor in age-related decline and diseases, I take antioxidants. They body has various ways to reduce oxidative damage besides Vitamin C, CoQ10; these including Catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione, and that the production of ATP occurs in the mitochondria. Unfortunately that which is good for us is bad for pharma, so farm responds through their KOLs to publish junk science to reduce the use of the healthful 4 listed above.

Bad Pharma: Any discussion of what people take for health must be prefaced by an assessment of the ploys of the major pharmaceutical corporations, hereafter called (big) pharma. On point are three statements. Harvard Professor Marcia Angell MD, states “We certainly are in a health care crisis ... If we had set out to design the worst system that we could imagine, we couldn't have imagined one as bad as we have.” Dr. Philippe Even describes it” “The pharmaceutical industry is the most lucrative, the most cynical and the least ethical of all the industries. It is like an octopus with tentacles that has infiltrated all the decision-making bodies: world health organizations, government agencies, parliaments, high administrations in health and hospitals and the medical profession." Dr. Des Spence a British Medical Journal columnist describes this process “Conduct questionable research and control the original data[3], then schmooze health regulators and patient groups to established more inclusive drug-treatment protocols that is supported by the questionable science.” The 800 pound gorilla (a phrase used by Dr. Marcia Angell) gives the continuing education class required for doctors, who then repeat to patients what they have learnt from the gorilla’s thought leaders[4] & sales reps, and often officially approved in schmoozed treatment guidelines. In our corporatist state, the FDA is a friend of pharma; and our corporate media won’t offend its major source of income. The same forces which caused the tobacco companies to glamorize cigarettes in the 1920s fully aware of its health consequences, to aggressively market them, and to produce junk science to deny their harm; these forces operate upon all corporations, including pharma. Pharma is very good at persuading doctors and the public that their new drugs are developed based on the latest sophisticated advancements in medical science, and thus that they are much better than older drugs. While there are some, the vast majority of new drugs are short term barely better than nothing at all (a placebo) in phase III testing for the FDA. They are not compared to older drugs. They then are hyped based upon subsequent junk science phase IV studies generated by pharma’s marketing departments. This “information” is fed in required continuing education classes to doctors by well paid thought leaders. Their control of research which produces junk science and their influence upon treatment guidelines has turned upside down the decision process and forced doctors to rely upon thought leaders rather; a process that Prof. Ben Goldacre, MD calls, “expert based medicine”. Every move made by pharma is designed to increase profits, which is the fiduciary duty of pharma. Knowing what has happened to medical science: an incredible amount of harm has resulted, and this website is dedicated to exposing it.

Take a deep breath and absorb the dismal state of medicine; and if inclined to read more, start with Marketing Science. What follows is the summation of several thousand hours of analysis of journal articles and medical textbooks on over 30 health/treatment topics. This information has been used in the development of the http://healthfully.org website—started in 2004. The results are at variance to the gorilla’s marketing science.

The purpose is both to advise and educate: advice on what works, doesn’t work, and to educate on the relevant basic biology. What follows below is based on careful analysis of the journal articles adjusted for marketing-science bias. For confirmation of claims here made, go to http://healthfully.org/rc/ and /rl. Based on a large body of published journal articles, three drugs are clearly very healthful. Aspirin and natural hormones—estradiol and testosterone--have come under attack by pharma (corporate medicine). Minor health concerns with these drugs are blown out of proportion by junk science, and their benefits contradicted by more marking (junk) science, or simply ignored. The third Q10 is totally safe; thus only its benefits are denied and/or ignored. Pharma’s recommended doses are well below the ideal. That is to be expected from profit seeking corporations, since these drugs would dramatically lower the sales of their block-busters. Moreover, physicians are taught by pharma in continuing educations class that that if a patient insists on taking aspirin or hormones, that because of “serious health risks” they should be taken in the lowest dose for the shortest time. At http://healthfully.org/rc/index.html you will find the evidence based upon meticulous journal research (links provided) and the basic biology of the medical conditions. Remember that Pharma hawks remedies by hyping benefits and hiding side effects. They do junk science to support those claims and to eliminate off-patent competition such as from aspirin and hormones. The corporate forces that shape the tobacco companies are at work upon pharma. Corporations are profit-maximizing entities.


Health is essential for quality of life.  Given the proclivity for injurious behavior (the prime examples being obesity, tobacco, soldiering, and recreational drugs) I can only conclude that the rational function of the brain is primarily social, including the generation of reasons for what is inexcusable; and the rest of what we do is quite similar to the actions of our cats and dogs.  I wish that all people would develop a love of philosophy (the term in Greek means love of wisdom).  With such love there would be a commitment to hold beliefs in proportion to the evidence in support there of, and there would be a drive for to live a truly moral life. 



Disclaimer:  The information, facts, and opinions provided here is not a substitute for professional advice.  It only indicates what JK believes, does, or would do.  Always consult your primary care physician for medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment.