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Sex hormones are cardio protective

A large body of evidence supports the sex hormone supplementation among seniors.  Their principle benefits include reduction in the rate of obesity, sarcopenia (muscle loss), cognitive decline, Alzheimer’ and other neurodegenerative diseases, arthritis, myocardial infraction (heart attack), heart failure, macular degeneration, psychiatric conditions, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancers, etc.  In other words nearly all of the age related chronic and acute conditions are less likely when a senior takes a high dose of natural hormones.  For more on benefits with links click on testosterone and estradiol.  Also in those summary articles is described how bad pharma and FDA have reshaped beliefs about hormone replacement therapy.  At the websites dedicated to male and female hormones are nearly 100 journal articles on the benefits of hormone replacement therapy. The two quotes below explain what has happened.   

“Drug companies have turned into marketing machines. They’ve kind of lost sight of the fact that they’re actually doing something which involves your health. You’ve got to take away the key components of the trials from drug companies.”  Thomas Marciniak MD, FDA Administrator at


“The pharmaceutical industry is the most lucrative, the most cynical and the least ethical of all the industries," Dr. Philippe Even tells The Guardian. "It is like an octopus with tentacles that has infiltrated all the decision-making bodies:  world health organizations, government agencies, parliaments, high administrations in health and hospitals and the medical profession."  Drs. Evan & Debre wrote in which they show that one half of the drugs approved are not worth their side effects—in  Guide Des 4,000 Medicaments  Not surprising this book has not been translated into English.   

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"I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica [medical drugs], as now used, could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind,—and all the worse for the fishes.."  Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

He also wrote:  "Drugs are what you take while you wait for the body to heal." 

Disclaimer:  The information, facts, and opinions provided here is not a substitute for professional advice.  It only indicates what JK believes, does, or would do.  Always consult your primary care physician for medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment.