BIG PHARMA at work
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Psychiatric drugs promote mental illness and early daath--Prof. Gotzsche
Shortages in Essential Drugs--Big PhARMA at work
MOST drugs are from China and India
Medical Device Makers cannot be sued, Supreme Court Rules
Ghost writing the norm for over a decade
journal articles are advertising dressed as science--examples
Top 10 Drug Recalls and Warnings of 07
FDA Fraud Program
Big PhARMA ghost writes journal articles
Big PHARMA pays generic manufacturers to not ...
New CANCER drugs add little to life expectancy--why
Big Pharma influences the DSM manual
Most Drugs Now are both Imported and not Tested for Purity
Slash taxes or we move our facilities
RU-486 comes from China, now--more tainted drugs
Antidepressants Proven useless for most
Heart Medication kills 22,000 in 2 years
Statin combination Vytorin doesn't work, etc.
Off Label Drug Pushers
0ff Prescription Market Law Eli Lilly violates for Zyprexa
Price Gouging for Orphan Drugs
Marketing department ran massive drug trial for VIOXX
Direct to consumer spending on the rise
Pharma Lobby and Democrats
U.S. Pharma Moves to China and India
Research and Production moves to China and India
Cancer Generic Drug Shortage increases sales of patented drugs
Top 10 Drug Recalls and Warnings of 07

1.  2006 sales: $20.6 billion

Manufacturer: Various

Safety concern: “black box,” suicidal thoughts in young adults

Other conerns, fail to work better than a placebo when the studies are properly done free of big PhARMA mnaipulation—see graph.  

2.  Drug: Epogen/Aranesp

2006 sales: 4.1 B/$2.5 B

Manufacturer: Amgen

Safety concern: “black box;” heart and vascular problems at higher doses

3. Drug: Zyprexa

2006 sales: $4.4 billion

Manufacturer: Eli Lilly

Safety concern: Warning; weight gain, metabolic problems

Eli Lilly settlement with 18,000 patients for $500 million


4, Drug: Avandia

2006 sales: $3.4 billion

Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline

Safety concern: “black box;” heart failure, heart attack

5. Drug: Actos

2006 sales: $3.05 billion

Manufacturer: Takeda

Safety concern: “black box;” heart failure

6.   Drug: Provigil

2006 sales: $727 million

Manufacturer: Cephalon

Safety concern: Warning; Stevens-Johnson syndrome, psychiatric problems

7.   Drug: Zelnorm

2006 sales: $561 million

Manufacturer: Novartis

Safety concern: Recall; heart risks

8.  Drug: Byetta

2006 sales: $430 million

Manufacturer: Amylin

Safety concern: Precautionary language , pancreatitis

9.   Drug: Xolair

2006 sales: $425 million

Manufacturer: Genentech

Safety concern: "Black box,” anaphlaxis

10.  Drug: Fentora

2006 sales: $370 million

Manufacturer: Cephalon

Safety concern: Warning; improper dosing leading to death

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