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Insulin resistance causes obesity & type 2 diabetes

On insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes


The complete paper from email

On insulin resistance and its consequences and fix


We all know people who are gaining weight yearly and others who are diabetic; the two have the same underlying cause, insulin resistance.  I highly recommend that you watch the very moving BBC documentary on the health consequences of type-2 diabetes PBS and our corporate press won’t air.  The problem isn’t weak will and sloth that makes them sick and fat but a screwed up weight regulatory system, the same one that keeps wild animals slim and those in primitive societies on a traditional diet. 


I have attached a word document on the immediate cause for both type-2 diabetes and obesity, it is insulin resistance.  The cause is the high sugar diet its reactive sugar fructose which has damage tissues involved in the regulation of weight and blood glucose levels.  But this is paper is about the resultant insulin resistant, its consequences, and its fix—reducing sugar won’t cure insulin resistance.  Unfortunately, it is not in pharma’s or the food manufacture’s business plan to fix or prevent insulin resistance and thus its deadly consequences.

Over two-thirds of the seniors are insulin resistant, which means they are pre-diabetic and thus the majority of them are every year gaining weight.  Insulin resistance occurs when the cells in the body are tolerant to (resistant) to the signal from insulin to absorb more glucose from the blood, and the pancreas must secret even more insulin to bring the blood sugar down—thus it is not revealed by the blood glucose tests.  Insulin resistance is a necessary condition for developing type-2 diabetes, and over half of them, if they live long enough, will become diabetic.  Insulin resistance refers to the condition where there is an abnormally high level of insulin per level of blood sugar (glucose), and insulin causes cells to store fat and metabolize glucose.  When sufficient fat accumulates in the pancreas type-2 diabetes develops.  Currently 27% of seniors are type-2 diabetic, an advanced form of insulin resistance that has caused through the accumulation of fat in the pancreas a diminished production of insulin--medications ameliorate the symptom. 


Insulin resistant is the major marker for ischemic events (which include heart attacks, strokes, and other events caused by a clot that cuts off blood to a tissue such as vascular dementia)*  With advanced type-2 diabetes the risk of these adverse events triples.  


There is through diet a very effective dietary program to reverse insulin resistance and thus to prevent the progression to type-2 diabetes and obesity.  If interested click on attachment for more information on the risks, links to dietary articles on my website, and links to relevant quality documentary and lectures, several of which are done by the national broadcast corporations of Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia (but not the US).   The page is at  The second section on that page has links to dietary articles with descriptions to aid in selection, third section is on diabetes, and fourth section is on cardiovascular disease.



More on Insulin Resistance

Don’t assume that a normal fasting glucose test (what is measured when having blood work) entails that you are not insulin resistant, because that test measures only blood glucose, not blood insulin.  The abnormally high level of insulin has caused the blood glucose to be within the normal range.  Since insulin level is not measured, only when the prediabetes has progressed to an advance state does it show up in either fasting glucose or the glucose tolerance tests as a high level of glucose.  “There is a 50% risk over 10 years of progressing to overt diabetes” Wikipedia.  The three strongly-associated signs of insulin resistance are the steady yearly gain in weight, inability to keep weight off, and deep abdominal fat.  About one-third of who are not overweight are insulin resistant.  The literature calls such people “TIFO” for thin on inside, fat on outside.  These people have 2-3 extra pounds of liver fat, which makes them insulin resistant.  They avoid the steady gain of weight by taking off the excess pounds before the weight regulatory system has moved to normal the gained weight, this takes from 6 months to 2 years (I don’t of journal literature on this, only observational and personal experience, viz. it is how I stayed thin by taking the weight off within a couple months).



Remember it is not in Pharma’s or the food manufacturer’s financial interest to have people use dietary prevent/cure, thus physicians are not taught of the dietary fix—not in the US.  Instead they are taught eat less and exercise more, advice for those with long-term weight issue fails in over 95% of the time: they regain at least most of their weight by the 6th year, and about half weigh more.  Please watch the documentaries listed in the links to confirm what I have stated.  For my pages on diet, I would start with these 3 links:  what has gone wrong (, fasting is easy (, and the concise dietary recommendations with 5 diets depending on goals


Feedback is always appreciated.


Your friend Jerry


*  Cholesterol and saturated fat scare is a scam by pharma and promoted by governments world-wide; learn about it by watching the Australian Broadcast corporation documentary at Part 1   and Par II  Low fat diet profits the food manufacturers who use cheap grains, polyunsaturated vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oils, and sugars in their products.  What Dr. Miller lecture an audience at a medical college on which fats are healthful at   Again science and corporate spin dressed as science significantly diverge. 

The advice here is merely what JK would do in those situations. See your doctor for medical advice.

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