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Getting started basics with tables

Getting started 8/13/17 #3

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Intermittent fasting with low carbs (IFLC) is easy because you will have more energy while burning fat and thus be in a better mood. Unlike a calorie-restricted diet where you crave food to have more energy, your metabolism will go up about 10% because of an increase in the catechol amines and HGH. This happens due to an evolutionary (survival) advantage for mammals from having more energy to hunt and search when there isn’t food. The goal is to limit carbs to between 30 to 50 grams per day, and moderate protein.

Getting started

While some can dive into the diet, for most the gradual process is best—the body will adjust to the new eating pattern. Start with cutting carbs, increasing the good fats (coconut oil and butter) to replace the energy from the carbs, cutting sugar, limiting protein, and skipping breakfast (intermittent fasting), low carb dinner.

Intermittent fasting: go on a 16-hour fast (7 PM until 11:00 AM) or longer, thus extending nighttime fat burning to midday. At night because of not eating, there is low glucose and thus low insulin. If hungry, drink tea or coffee without sweeteners. Yes, no artificial sweeteners. If quite hungry, then eat a little celery or greens, still hungry, then a few peanuts or cheese. There is an adjustment period to low carbs, low sugar, skipping breakfast. As your body adjusts to the pattern, you will find that you will have more energy and mental acuity from metabolizing fats. Sculpture your diet for compliance. Dr. Jason Fung writes: Not eating is more important than what you eat. Not eating extends the night-time cellular healing process.

Alternate day fasting: One program doesn’t work for all situations. Those with the greatest issues of weight and type-2 diabetes will likely need to progress to alternate day fasting. Dr. Jason Fung, a nephrologist, in his clinic has mostly end-stage diabetics. He has used alternate day fasting to get them off their diabetes medication and lose weight. You can still delay your first meal on the non-fasting days.

Insulin is the problem it plays a major role in fat storage: One function of insulin is to keep the blood glucose (sugar) level low because when glucose is too high it will make you feel ill, and worse. Insulin works by causing cells to absorb glucose. Too much glucose is also bad for your cells, so they metabolize the glucose; thus cells stop metabolizing fat and store it!!


The advice here is merely what JK would do in those situations. See your doctor for medical advice.

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