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Short-term fasting with low carbs is healing

Why short-term fasting cures obesity helped by a low carb, low fructose diet 8/9/16

Obesity is caused by a fat- metabolism-appetite regulatory system in which insulin has the greatest influence; thus to keep weight off fix the system.  We have 2 wrong messages 1) eat less fat thus more carbs and 2) eat less calories and exercise more. The first causes obesity if carbs includes too much sugar, and the second doesn’t work because if you are long-term overweight your regulatory system has been set to its current weight, and that doesn’t change with the calorie-restricted diet.  Insulin tells the cells to burn glucose and thus store fat. The fix is to maintain low insulin thus fat burning which starts when sleeping and continues with skipping breakfast (I drink 16 ounce tea with tablespoon of lime juice).  In the morning I have plenty of energy, thus feel good, am mentally sharp, in a good mood, and not very hungry. I do it every morning now, because I like the way I feel.  The body stores very little glucose, thus while sleeping there is no need for insulin to lower the blood glucose.  Without insulin, the cells switch to burning the stored fat.  Staying in fat burning longer allows the liver to ship out some of the excess fat it has stored.  The high sugar Western diet has mess up the liver to cause high insulin, also called insulin resistance.  Excess insulin causes excess fat storage in the liver, muscles, fat, and pancreas cells.  Proteins, like glucose. causes insulin secretion; thus fat storage.  Thus a low carb diet needs the help of from short-term fasting to fix the fatty liver.

Dr. Jason Fung in his clinic cures his patients with fasting and a low carb diet.  As a nephrologist in the clinic he gets the worse patients, end stage kidney failure from type-2 diabetes, on insulin injections, and thus they all are quite obese.  I have included in the attachment a link to his lecture on YouTube and 2 blogs saved as word documents.  Because of 3 years of full-time studies of diet related topics, I know that Dr. Fung is first among scholars in the areas of obesity, diabetes, and the science relevant to their causes and fixes (links at end of paper).  

Hopefully, I have been sufficiently convincing for you to open up the attachments and check out the evidence.  One paper is on what to eat and 5 diets depending upon the situation, a long version with many additional topics, a testimonial, and a Dr. Fung blog.  Corporations and the government that serves have been given us the wrong information on healthful diet since 1977, low fats which are replaced with a high in sugar (thus fructose) and other carbs.  On are diet papers and much more.  Feedback is always appreciated. 

 Extra part in attachment along with links:

Note: if you need a sweetener, buy corn syrup (pure glucose).  Several grocery chains carry Karo syrup.  Table sugar and corn syrup were the 2 main sweeteners in the 1960s and before.  The obesity epidemic is caused by tripling the amount of fructose since the 1960s.  Fructose is found in fruits and is one-half of the disaccharide sucrose (table sugar), the other half is glucose.  Glucose can also form long types of chains (starches) that can be broken down into single glucose units.  These long-chain easily digestible carbohydrates are found in plants, with the highest concentration of them in grains, rice and potatoes.  Fructose the other half of sucrose is a net 15 times more reactive than glucose; it attaches to proteins in a process called glycation and this adversely affects the functions of that protein.  I have included links to documentaries by the national broadcast corporations of Canada and Australia on why too much sugar is poison—what U.S. corporate media won’t play—it is the fructose half of sucrose.  If you dig deeper you will find out in a longer paper of mine (attached) how through glycation on a high sugar diet fructose is the principle cause for all of the conditions associated with the western diet.  I have at the bottom of this paper links to my website pages and to a page with 130 links to YouTube documentaries and lectures on an assortment of health issues, each with a short description.  Using Google Chrome, I cast the YouTube to my television. 

What has happened to the liver

The problem driving weight gain is a fatty liver (see NAFLD in Wikipedia, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease).   Fatty liver is a sign that reactive fructose has damaged proteins in the liver and this resulted in raised insulin in the liver which caused excess fat storage in the liver—this could have happened decades ago.  Note without excessive glycation by fructose, the liver doesn’t become fatty.  The traditional oriental diets are very high in glucose (carbs); some are over 70%, yet their sugar which comes from fruits and vegetables averages 15 grams daily.  Their liver is fine, thus obesity and type-2 diabetes are very rare.  Add Western levels of fructose to their diet and they have the western health issues.  Our Western diet in 2001 had 152 pounds of added sweeteners per person per year according to the USDA (189 grams of added sugars a day).  Approximately half of that is fructose.  One sign of fatty liver is visceral fat, and it doesn’t have to be very much.  Some people through vigilant weight control put under 5 pounds around their middle (I am one of them).  As described above fructose goes to the liver, the only place it is metabolized.  However, it is 15 times more reactive than glucose and attaches to proteins in a process called glycation” (a bad thing).   It is estimated that 1/3rd of Europeans and Americans have NAFLD—I think the percentage is at least twice, that the bar set for NAFLD is too high.  NAFLD messes up the complex functions of the liver including several that raise the level of blood glucose, and thus cause the additional release of insulin from the pancreas to lower the blood glucose. This is known as insulin resistance.  Prolonged high level of insulin causes a gradual gain in weight.  And it gets worse, insulin also regulates leptin a hormone produced by adipose (fat cells) which plays a key role in regulating fat storage. With long-term weight gain this hormone adjusts to the larger fat cells, and it operates to maintain that new level of fat.  Thus when that person attempts to lose weight on a low calorie diet, at about 2 months leptin starts to lowers metabolism and increases hunger.  This effect of leptin will continue for years after the weight is loss to restore the lost weight.  With long-term weight, this leptin system resets to the new weight.  Thus energy restricted diets are doomed to fail (yo-yo diets) unless the liver is cleansed, and this requires either bariatric surgery or fasting.

Profits before people  

Do you wonder why this message about how fructose causes a fatty liver, the fasting fix, that high insulin causes  obesity, and the role of fructose in the assortment of conditions including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, type-2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, isn’t on everyone’s mind, yet this evidence is pushed in peer review journal articles?  The answer is simple, the media won’t offend its large advertisers, corporations to protect their market influence the production of information (Dr. Fung’s article on Coke a Cola (see attachment) and other companies fund nutritional conferences--one of many way they influence information.  Drug companies do similar funding for physicians, and our government is in bed with the corporate system that they once regulated to protect the public.  The evidence for all my claims is supported by a large body of journal articles on bad pharma; articles which meet the standards of peer review, yet the results are buried by big-bucks corporate influence, their tobacco-science articles, and the use of KOLs (key opinion leaders) for higher.  On my website I provide a few of the articles that support the claims I have made on diet, my papers on diet have links to supporting journal articles, and there is much more.  I have put 12 years of university training and many hours into, which has been up since 2004 and has over a thousand pages downloaded daily. 


What I sent a friend 7/23/16

The best easy test for a fatty liver is a sonogram, the standard one is a liver biopsy.  Fatty liver (NAFLD) is the starting point.  It is caused by damage to the hepatocytes by fructose through the process of glycation.  That likely happened to me in 1969, when my weight went up 20 pounds.  I took it off in the spring of 1970 by reducing my meals and skipping breakfast.  Thereafter whenever I gained 5 pounds I would repeat the same fix.  If I hadn’t took the weight, after a year the adipose tissue through the hormone leptin--which adipose tissue produces--resets the normal weight to a higher point.  I think I have a fatty liver because of my abdomen isn’t youthful and I had to watch my weight.  If the regulatory system is properly working, the weight will season-after-season remain the same.  Paleo peoples don’t have to watch their weight—look at the old photos and watch the anthropology films.  The last 3 months I have been skipping breakfast 6-days a week, and I lost 4 pounds, hopefully 2 pounds from the liver.  I find it easy to skip breakfast and just drink tea with a tablespoon of lime juice.  

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