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On the good life

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You know that I accept the Greek philosophers' position of the gods, which is eloquently worded in John Stuart Mill Autobiography, http://www.skeptically.org/enlightenment/id8.html where he puts his thoughts ascribed to his father James Mill.  
The saying by Russell is consistent with the Greek philosophers.  Every center of population in the Greek dominated world had a small school ran by philosophers for the elite.  The largest of these was in Alexandria which had a large Jewish population, mainly of Hellenized Jews.  Some of them undoubtedly attend the schools.   

The Sermon on the Mount (plain in Luke) is an example of this philosophy of the Hellenistic period from about 323 BC until 31 BC when Rome conquered the Greek world.   

A rebirth gradually occurred in the Renaissance .  Fill your heart with loving thoughts (fellow feeling) as much as possible through activities that promote it, and that include the silent whispers, called thoughts, avoiding emotional quarrels, and the media that glorifies violence and ignorance.   

Bertrand Russell 3rd Earl of Russell, wrote in 1925, The good life is focused on love and guided by knowledge.  I would replace love with fellow-feeing, the emotion which causes through the action of dopamine the bonding to parents, attachment for car, pet, spouse, plants, etc.  This website and skeptically.org give me years full of fellow feeling.  As Epicurus wrote, we are a pleasure seeking animal; we have two masters pleasure and pain (happiness and discomfort).  As B.F. Skinner wrote, Original sin is the difference between your pleasure and mine--referring to the state of pair bonding.   

The historical Jesus according to the Rabbis at http://www.skeptically.org/enlightenment/id2.html
Love you all. 

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On how daily excessive fructose damages the mitochondria and thus is the main cause for the conditions associated with the Western diet--much, much, more the cause than insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes, and weight gain, all of which are caused by mitochondrial dysfunction, which starts first in the liver.