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Letter on project to physicians

I am writing you because I have made major progress in solving what has wrong with the western diet and how it makes us sick (Conditions Associated with the Western Diet, CAWD).  What follows will be of value in your efforts to understand our health disaster—it is much more than metabolic syndrome caused by excess sugar.  I want to share with you in just 4-pages an outline of what I have uncovered from 6 years full-time studies.  It builds upon what you and others have found.  

Given my university education that lasted 11 years with majors in science and philosophy, I by training am qualified for a search into CAWD’s causal foundations, its modus operandi.  I keep asking how and why?  In 2014 I began to investigate diet.  The health issues were first set out in my huge evidence-based website (set up in 2004), then in 2016 I realized the technical book format could help some experts piece together what has gone wrong, and thus to see pass industry’s influence, their framing the topics to create massive confusion.  Read on, please, and learn how sugar/fructose poisons every cell by causing mitochondrial dysfunction (MTDD).    

MTTD is the major contributing cause for fatty liver and insulin resistance, and their major downstream effects including metabolic syndrome, endothelial dysfunction, excess lipid droplets, hyperuricemia, diminished production of ATP, reduction in autophagy, and affects upon collagen.  The hemostatic processes depend on ATP; they are functioning significantly below evolutionary design.   I have used journal articles on each topic to support the modus operandi for each of the major pieces that explain the pandemic CAWD which is much more than diabesity and metabolic syndrome. I have over 3,000 references to journal articles, books and Wikipedia articles supporting the processes contributing to CAWD and exposing industry’s tobacco science.  The book is divided into 6 sections.

Section 1 is on why those who eat a low sugar diet (including paleo peoples) don’t get CAWD, the conditions of affluence.  Burkitt and Trowell’s 1981 survey of populations lacking CAWD is a collection of 27 articles by 34 contributors who responded to their request for articles on their region’s health issues.  Each country was on their traditional diet, which lacked refined carbohydrates.  Burkitt and Trowell, and many before them, believed that refined carbs were the main cause for conditions of civilization (CAWD).  Gary Taubes, in The Case Against Sugar (2016) Chapter 2 and in Good Calories, Bad Calories (2008) Chapter 5, covers that topic using additional sources.  Looking into this lead by Taubes, I have added a chapter on the biomarkers of the paleo peoples—hope to find in English other populations on a low sugar diet. 

Taubes provided major insights into the role of diet in diseases, and develops some of the pathogenic consequences of fructose:  its role in NAFLD, hyperuricemia, glycation, and insulin resistance.  I have widened the search, see Section 3.  I start with how fructose is a slow acting poison similar to ethanol. 

Section 2 is on the cause, the science which shows that the reactive sugar fructose is a slow poison like ethanol (a comparison made by Prof. Robert Lustig of UCSF).  Fructose is a NET 15-20 times more reactive than the glucose which is metabolized before fructose.  Our consumption of fructose is beyond what our repair systems can handle.  I go beyond association to show how fructosylation (the non-enzymatic bonding) damages the mitochondria.  The road to CAWD starts in the liver where most of the fructose is metabolized.     I use the journal articles to explain how fructose causes insulin resistance first in the liver and then in most other tissues. 

Section 3 is on mitochondrial and its dysfunction; which is the major cause for CAWD.  Lustig, Taubes, and others stop with fructose damaging the liver and causing insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease); viz., metabolic syndrome.  They haven’t figured out how fructose enters the mitochondria. In the cytosol, a small percentage of fructose bonds to proteins and polyunsaturated fats of which some are transported into the mitochondria where the bonded fructose is converted into very reactive compounds.  The damage to the mitochondria and its mtDNA causes a reduction in the production of ATP and also the release of reactive oxygen species which cause more damage in the mitochondria.  Covered here is the chemical reactions & other evidence leading to insulin resistance, NAFLD, weight gain, Warburg effect, lipid droplets, etc.  

Section 4 is on those major consequences:  built upon Section 3, MTDD and connected to Section 1: its conditions associated with western diet, conditions that are rare to very rare among low-sugar populations.  What are the major causes, to which I found strong evidence for elevated uric acid and the release of the sharp monosodium urate crystals, collagen issues, endothelial dysfunction, and diminished autophagy.  Add to these major factors her chemicals including drugs and polyunsaturated fatty acid which become rancid in cell membranes.  All these stresses in an additive way to overload the repair systems (autophagy); the result is CAWD.  The rate of cellular repair (grouped as autophagy) is slowed by the reduced production of ATP by the mitochondria, and by insulin resistance:  insulin turns off autophagy.    

Section 5 is on the conditions:  dementia, heart attacks, cancer diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, atherosclerosis, strokes, MI, and so on--the CAWD.  All these conditions are rare among wild-mammals including elephants (long lived) and elderly paleo peoples. 

Section 6 is on the fixes.  Chapters are on autophagy, steroids and neurosteroids, diet basics, diet for diabetics, and last how the media and schools over-ride the rational module of the brain through social conditioning to produce the behaviors their sponsors want, including pill pushing, pill popping, a high-carb manufactured food diet. and unregulated medical industry.     As Prof. Marcia Angell said, pharma is not in the business of education (referring to CME classes & the media).   

I am putting together a tome with over 3,000 journal references to weave a cogent fabric from the mounds of evidence to explain CAWD.  I have completed in rough draft form 27 chapters, another 6 have yet to be developed.  Six of the chapters and an outline of all the chapters are posted http://healthfully.org/rbook/. I would like to share with you my work.  Feel free to make use of my efforts as you see fit.  As Prof. Ben Goldacre (of AllTrials) writes, We are all in it together (referring to the broken evidence base and its consequences).  We stand on the shoulders of others. 

The public’s weal has been dashed upon the financial ground by two trillion-dollar gorillas, pharma and food manufacturers.   Our 1950 per-person cost  for health care was $750 –in 2009 dollars-- per year to $8,100 in 2009.  What have we got but hype:  after dropping out from the figures the use of tobacco and infant deaths, our life expectancy is less now than in 1950 and infirmity has risen to an average of 16 years.    But there is hope, I have come to believe that the financial sector, pursuing greater profits, is working behind the scene to reduce health costs.  Their support of AllTrials and topics raised by the media is evidence.  Let us be counted as part of the fix. 

Your advice, critical suggestion, support, and response would be appreciated.  It is not about me/us, but about being counted in making this a healthier world. 

I may be reached at 760-542-6676, Benthamite  69@gmail.com.  Yes, I am a utilitarian. 

My academic background is at http://healthfully.org/rg/id1.html  and my link to the best of documentaries and lectures on YouTube, each with a rating and description is at /rg/id4.htm and id12 --over 500 on health related topics. 

Thanks for your time. 

PS:  I will be working next on a nontechnical book.  It is to be similar to Gary Taubes The Case Against Sugar (2016) develop from Good Calories, Bad Calories (2008). 

Thanks Jerry,    benthamite69@gmail.com

PS   And remember as Bertrand Russell wrote in 1925, the good life is focused on love [philo] and guided by knowledge.  This is a project of love.   Suggestion including criticism are appreciated.   

On how daily excessive fructose damages the mitochondria and thus is the main cause for the conditions associated with the Western diet--much, much, more than insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes, and weight gain