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Book on fructose mitochondria and the sickest of mammals

Abbreviation used repeatedly

Beginning of each chapter the black abbreviation used are listed  1/9/21

Have printed page when reading the chapters of the book

AD Alzheimer’s disease/dementia     ADA American Diabetic Association    AGE advanced glycation endproducts   AHA American Heart Association    AMP, ADP, ATP adenosine mono, di, & tri phosphate    AS  atherosclerosis    AGE advanced glycation endproducts    B-5 (big) fructation, fructose, MTDD, IR,RAPT, RRA      S-5 (secondary) ED, LD, polypharmacy, RCR, UAD    BMI body mass index     BMJ British Medical Journal     CAWD conditions associated with the high sugar-(fructose) Western diet    CC contributing cause    CHD coronary heart disease    CME continuing medical education     CoA Coenzyme A   CoQ10  coenzyme, Q10, ubiquinone   CRO contract research organizations    CVD cardio–vascular disease  DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid     DNL de novo lipogenesis      ECT electron chain transport  ED endothelial dysfunction     EMA European Medicine Agency     ER endoplasmic reticulum     FAD flavin dinucleotide    FFA free fatty acids   FRUB fraudulent bias   HFCL high fat low carbs (diet)    HSP high sugar population    IR insulin resistance    KOL key opinion leader(for higher), a thought leader     LADA   latent adult diabetes autoimmune     LD lipid droplets     LDL low density lipoprotein     LHCF low carb high fat diet    LR leptin resistant   LSP low-sugar population    MeS metabolic syndrome      MI myocardial infarction    MSU monosodium urate (uric acid)    MTD mitochondria(l)     MTDD  mitochondria(l) dysfunction   mtDNA mitochondrial DNA     MUFA mono-unsaturated fatty acid  NAD+ nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (oxidized)   NADH nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (reduced)    NADPH nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (reduced)    NAFLD non-alcoholic fatty liver disease    nDNA nucleus DNA   NIH National Institute for Health   NSAID   non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug    NEJM New England Journal of Medicine     OXPHOS Oxidative phosphorylation   PP polyol Pathway    PUFA polyunsaturated fatty acids (and polyunsaturated triglycerides)    RAGE receptors for advanced glycation end-products    RNA ribonucleic acid    RATP reduced production of ATP    RCP reduced collagen replacement,    ROS reactive oxygen species    RRA reduced rate of autophagy     SFA saturated fatty acid     t1d type-1 diabetes     t2d type-two diabetes   TG  triglycerides  TOFI  thin on outside fat on inside   UFA unsaturated fatty acids    WRS  weight regulatory system    WHO World Health Organization     Wiki Wikipedia - - - common usage brick red 

Special terms:  bell curve,  bromides,  cognitive dissonance,  crapolla,  diabesity,  fellow-feeling,  fructation,  modus operandi,  respondeat superior,  stress,  tobacco ethics,  tobacco Science,

 Bell curve fallacy:  a form of cherry picking:  assuming that the best cases are a subset that have a net positive effect from the treatment, rather it is the entire bell curve has moved to the left, thus with a placebo that person would have healed faster than he did with the drug.

Bromides long stand beliefs, a term once used in chemistry comparing it to compounds that are stable on the shelf, like sodium bromide. 

Cognitive dysfunction:  a situation in which a person cannot decide what to do because of the number of choices

Crapolla:  bad science, bad logic; a replacement for bull shit

Diabesity:  diabetes and obesity (in the dictionary)

Fellow feeling:  the emotional attachment, such as love of country, pet,  etc., distinguished from romantic love.  Created by David Hume around 1750.

Fructation:  glycation occurring with fructose; a non-enzymatic bonding of fructose to biological substrates such as amino acids, used instead of fructosylation

Modus operandi:  Latin for method of operation; the process producing a result

Respondeat superior:  the principle in law of blaming the superior.  I use this phrase to blame the system rather than those at the top or below. 

Stress:  overloading a biological system, or the dysfunction consequences of that overload, e.g., ethanol overloads various system in the liver that in sufficient amounts long-term that modifies the functions of the hepatocytes; the stressed hepatocytes then stress other types of cells.

Tobacco science and Tobacco ethics:  point out that the business model of the tobacco industry which is used throughout a system based upon maximization of profits.

Phrases favorite:

Brain rules,  the devil is in the detail,  food manufactures,  herd behavior,  illness care industry,  lipstick on a pig,  pill pushers and pill poppers,  profits before people,  slime under every rock, you can’t change human nature,

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On how daily excessive fructose damages the mitochondria and thus is the main cause for the conditions associated with the Western diet--much, much, more the cause than insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes, and weight gain, all of which are caused by mitochondrial dysfunction, which starts first in the liver.