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2 Recepes With Coconut Oil: Blender Butter and Mayonnaise

Blender Mayonnaise

For ease of blending have coconut oil about 145⁰.  Use hot water to warm eggs, and microwave for coconut oil.   Total oil is 2.5 cups.  I use an infrared sensor for the temperature of the oil.  To hot could cause the eggs to coagulate—turn stringy like egg drop soup. 

Stage 1:  2 tbsp. salt, 3 tbsp. sugar, 2 large eggs, cup canola oil, and 6 tbs. vinegar, then blend then while blending add 1 cup coconut oil.  With spatula push top later into the center vertex.

Stage 2:  Add slowly 1 cup canola/olive oil.  While blending, scrape the mayo on the upper sides of the blender so that it is sucked down the vortex; blend thoroughly.  Note:  too much coconut oil will make the mayonnaise solid upon refrigeration.    

Blender Butter substitute

The same receipt, only use just 0.5 cups of canola oil instead of 1.5 cups and thus increase coconut oil to 2 cups. Heat the oils to 145⁰.  Cut vinegar to 3 tbs.  Refrigerate promptly. 

Note:  For your cells’ sake limit the cheap polyunsaturated fats in your diet.  They become rancid slowly.  In your body rancid oils in cell walls is a bad thing—see RAGE & diseases.  You can check this out by using scholar.google.com, and entering polyunsaturated, rancid.  A high level of monounsaturated fat is preferred because of the lower rate of rancidification.  Saturated fats lack a double bond; thus they don’t have a site for reactive chemical.  Evolution favors saturated fats for long-lived mammals; thus milk is high in saturated fats, also meats.

The short-chain saturated fats in coconut oil are converted during metabolism to beta hydroxybutyrate (a 5 carbon chain which stimulates neurotrophins).  Neurotrophins turn on the healing process in the brain.  Beta hydroxybutyrate has been used to stop the progression of dementia, and very possible lowers the risk for neurodegenerative diseases (dementia). 

For softness, canola oil is recommended because of its low in polyunsaturated fats, yet has the same ratio of monounsaturated fats as olive oils at about 1/3rd the price.  I wouldn’t use virgin olive oil because of their probably harmful impurities.  Olives have very bitter compounds which must be leached out from the raw olive.  Olives when ripe they rot on the ground and poison the soil so that plants won’t grow under the tree—a sign that these chemical could be harmful.  The amounts of phenolic compounds are greatly reduced upon curing with lye; but some are still there in virgin olive oil.  I am one of about 5% of people who have on their tongue receptors which can taste the very bitter compounds (burns my tongue) still present in the virgin olive oil.  Because of the lack of research on the impurities as to their safety, virgin olive oil is out and the cheaper canola oil or pure olive oil is in.

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