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Key points of documentaries

Major Points (insulin resistance needs to be revers   --  8/6/17  --

  1. Insulin does 3 things uptake of glucose, fat storage, leptin resistance.

  2. IR (Insulin resistance) is excess insulin per glucose unit.  It causes weight gain, hunger & fatty liver.

  3. State of nature being overweight is very rare and fructose is scarce.  Thus, the limited amount of fructose was shipped to the liver for conversion into fat that causes a fatty liver.    

  4. IR and fatty liver cause the chronic age related conditions, which are very rare among elderly aboriginals.

  5. With long-term weight gain, the regulatory system resets, and functions to restore lost weight even years later.  Because of this eating less and exercising more fails—the yo-yo diet.   

  6. Refined carbs aren’t pathogenic--examples Japanese and Kitavans--unless IR has occurred from fructose. 

  7. With vigilance those who have IR can be of normal weight; they are Thin on Outside Fat on Inside (TOFI).

  8. Polyunsaturated fats because of their double bonds become rancid in the body.

  9. Saturated fats don’t have double bonds and thus are stable.

  10.  Coconut oil is the best source of saturated fats because of conversion to beta hydroxybutyrate which stimulates healing, especially in the brain.

  11.  Exercise though healthful, increases hunger.

  12.  Eating carbohydrates between meals reduces the window for metabolizing fats.

  13.  While sleeping, after burning glucose the body burns fat and undergoes cellular also healing

  14.  Fasting is superior to a low carb diet because it extends fat metabolism and cellular healing.

  15.  Fasting is much easier than a calorie restricted diet because of biological adaptations for hunting. 

  16.  Intermittent fasting (missing breakfast) reduces daily calories on an average over 500 calories.

  17.  The corruption worked by pharma and food manufacturers is mainly on our government and science.

  18.  Corporate media’s diet information is designed to cause cognitive dissonance.

  19.  Cognitive dissonance creates information overload, confusion, and a failure to fix our dietary problems. 

  20.  The documentaries followed the dollars to show that high fructose low fat diet caused our health disaster and that cholesterol and saturated fats are heart health--we were lied to increase profits.. 


1)    Insulin does 3 things that are relevant here:  A) causes cells to take up glucose, B) this causes cells to stop metabolizing fat and covert it to triglycerides the storage form, and C) blocks the action fat tissue secreted hormone leptin which promotes satiety by its action in the brain.

2)  IR (Insulin resistance, tolerance):  excessive insulin per unit of glucose.  As per above, higher than normal insulin drives fat storage, hunger, and fat accumulates in the liver.  Over 80% of seniors have IR.
3)   All mammals have a complex weight regulatory system.  Both aboriginal peoples and wild animals don’t accumulate more fat than is normal for the species.  In the wild, fructose is found in small amounts, and it is  seasonal.  Because of this, our cells cannot metabolize fructose, so like ethanol is shipped to the liver for disposal where it, like ethanol, is converted to fat and glucose.  With chronic excess ethanol or fructose, they cause excess fat in the liver which compromises liver functions to cause insulin resistance in the body’s cells. 

4)  The combination of IR and fatty liver are the main cause of the chronic age related conditions associated with the Western diet.  They are very rare among the elderly of the aboriginal people (with the exception of cancer), until we introduce sugar with refined carbs.  One half of sugar (sucrose) is fructose. 

5)  With long-term weight gain because of IR, the regulatory system will reset to the increased weight.  With weight loss, even years later this system will continue to function to restore weight by increasing appetite and reducing metabolism (making the person moody and tired).  Thus for these people eating less and exercise more doesn’t work—the yo-yo diet.  High fructose diet has caused the diabetes & obesity pandemics. 

6)   A refined high carb diet without fructose is not pathogenic, e.g. traditional Japanese & Kitavans diets. 

7)   People who are insulin resistant, if they are vigilant, they can retain their normal weight, but still are at high risk.  They are TOFI (thin on outside fat on inside).  This explains why people who are at most overweight, have the conditions associated with the Western diet.  80% of seniors are insulin resistant. 
8)   Polyunsaturated fats are far more reactive because of the double bonds in their carbon chain; that is why they become rancid.  Because of the reactive chemical from metabolism, rancidification occurs in the cell walls.  This is a less-significant cause of the comorbidity associated with the Western diet. 

9)   Saturated fats don’t have a double bond thus they are stable, and are better than glucose for energy. 

10)   The best source of saturated fats is coconut oil because its short-chain fats are converted to beta hydroxybutyrate which stimulates healing processes, especially in the brain, before being metabolized.

11)   Exercise though healthful, increases hunger:   A lumber jack eats more than a tailor. 

12)   Eating carbohydrates between meals reduces the window for metabolizing fats.

13)   When sleeping after metabolizing the excess glucose and glycogen, the body starts metabolizing fats and goes into the cellular healing process (autophagy and other processes). 

14)   Fasting extends the window for metabolizing fats more effectively than a very low carbohydrate diet, and extends the healing process.  This will, for most, cure insulin resistance. 

15)   Fasting is easier than a calorie-restricted diet.  One reason is that leptin--typically between 2 and 3 months--will be down regulated, and thereby cause increased hunger and reduced metabolism.  On the positive side for fasting, in order to gather food and hunt, the body ups metabolism about 10%, and increase the feel good neurotransmitters dopamine, and the energy promoting epinephrine and norepinephrine as well as the androgen HGH.  Tens of millions of people are now fasting in Europe.

16)  Intermittent fasting reduces daily calories by an average of over 500 calories.

17)  A very low carb (ketogenic) diet replaced by fats reduces hunger & increases the rate of fat metabolism.

17)   Because profits come first, the food and drug industries use regulatory capture, follow tobacco ethics and uses scientists-for-hire to create tobacco science.  Our corporate media has its talking points.  We have seen in documentaries an effort made by certain countries to address the health issues by exposing the causes of the diabetes and obesity pandemics, and the junk information generated through industry, such as a calorie is a calorie (fat calories are much different than carb calories).  Our government is more corporate “friendly”.

18)   If it is carried by corporate media, the content is designed to cause cognitive dissonance.

19)   Cognitive dissonance hinders rational analysis.  It occurs when the sum total of information on a subject creates multiple pathways.  As a social animal, most people will respond to their environment, rather than search for the underlying science that accounts for the obesity epidemic.  Unfortunate the media takes advantage of this phenomenon.  For example, human nature explains why advertising works.    

20)   Based on the evidence presented in the documentaries we have watched, cholesterol and saturated fat are heart healthy, and the low-fat, high-sugar diet because of fructose—a  slow poison like ethanol—caused our health disaster, but money trumps science and influences government.

What I limit:  Fructose, it is 7.5 times more reactive than glucose and thus damages proteins at a higher rate than glucose, polyunsaturated fats (rancid in our cells), soy products (hormone mimics), BT toxins in GMOs (corn, soy, potatoes, cotton), excessive carbs & sugars (insulin spike), luncheon meats (under cooked), farmed fish, meats (I like animals), restaurant food (sanitation), junk food.  Fats and proteins extend digestion time, thereby reducing the insulin spike.   I maximize fat (especially coconut oil) so that I eat less carbs to fulfill my daily caloric need.  I do a 5-day cleansing fast once a month, and 5 out of 6 days I don’t eat until noon—for greater mental acuity and cleansing.  Good news is that our youthful DNA is accurately preserved.  With new cells we gradually heal (exception mitochondria).  The mitochondria produce our energy molecule ATP.  Its DNA is not protected by a membrane.  The damage from the reactive chemicals made during metabolism accumulates, thus with age less of the vital ATP is made.  Aerobic exercise increases mitochondria per cell.  We slow down as we age and in time for want of ATPs and we become frail:  the cells don’t have enough ATPs to do proper maintenance, waste products and damaged protein accumulate.  Functions of all cells decline. 

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