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On Coronvirus and the planned economic crash

Friends:                                            4/18/2020

I want you to put on your analytic thinking cap, and put aside the crapolla that our media has manipulated our social vector of our brain.  You have been conditioned to see as good American our government protecting us.  The numbers from reliable sources tell us we have been fooled again.  Those numbers tell us the coronavirus is less deadly than the yearly influenza epidemics. 

I have included some better advice on what to do to avoid get an RNA virus (corona or influenza)—based on science. You will also learn about how your body runs, and what to do to help your immune system—not mentioned in the media.   The health science is beyond refutation.  I do the research because I want you to miss the seasonal illness, this year and in future years.

 I also want you to know who the wizard behind the media curtain that is causing another great depression.  Yes, what is happening now is much more catastrophic than the 2008 crash, and likely to surpass the Great Depression.  At the end of the article I pasted is two well received documentaries going over the history of banking.  If you want to know who is the shadow government, the conductor, then watch one of those documentaries.  I have checked the reference, and my background both in economic and history is sufficient to evaluate the content of those documentaries.  Yes, I have another large website with extensive articles on economics, over 100 articles.  I come from an era when "bankster" was in usage, and in 6th grade I read Josephson's The Robber Barons (1934)--was carried in my Lower Merion Elementary School's library, and is still in print. 


moreover the forces for the fix are  tossing a dime to the working class, and 90 cents to the big corporations—they only have provided loans to small businesses.      

Jerry the Benthamite


A second commentary

This one is on the economics and politics that is being buried

As Adam Smith wrote:  All for ourselves, nothing for anybody else, that is the cruel maxim of the rulers of mankind

I chose to write about economics, since what we have in our healthcare system is the failure to progress with Keynesian economics—managed capitalism for the benefit of the masses.  The organized voice of the working class under FDR was the unions, and slowly over the next 40 years their voice was muted through the slow grinding power of the political voice of the corporations and their think tanks.  They sing a song of service for us in their media for to shape us to have faith in them, to fight for them, to hate commies, to shop till we drop, and to be smart enough to put a nut on a bolt on an assembly line (George Carlin) while they pick our pockets and destroy our health.  Having said that, I see the current 2020 economic crash not as a response to protect us from the deadly coronavirus, but a planned crash for the sake of baling out the economy by a huge inflation of currency. 

Allow me to explain how the financial sector benefits.  The banking system issues our currency.  So, when the government desires a trillion above their income, they sell credit notes such as Treasury bills, treasury notes, treasury bonds, and treasury inflation protected securities (TIPS).  The banks then place in the governments account a trillion dollars. For every trillion dollars of government notes the banks can then issue 10 trillion in credit, one of which pays for the notes they bought.  Thus, for a trillion in notes, assuming the loans and other investments yield a return of net 5%, the financial sector including their shadow banks (a separate brank they own and not regulated) they will in profits $500 billion per year in perpetuity—as long as they own that $1 trillion in qualifying assets.   In just 2 years at 5% return, they have their trillion back, and can buy a second trillion in government notes.  On top of that they are collecting interest from our government for the $1 trillion they purchased.  Oh, and buy the way in 2020 the payment for their US national debt is $23.7 trillion.  Foreign own $7 trillion of the $23.  But that is missing quite a lot, social security liability is $20.4 trillion, and total unfunded liabilities is $135.36 trillion.  US Federal debt has gone from 58% of GDP to 109% and this is not adjusted for the inflation of currency, which yields a huge profit that is counted as part of the GDP.  US total debt is $77 trillion.  For their shadow banking there is the currency and credit derivates which have a market value (obligation) of $675.7 trillion.  And US trade deficit this year is $335 billion.  And I haven included figures of state and local government, etc.  Welcome to the world the banks have built for us.  And it gets worse in that though productivity of the work has gone up from $53,000 per year to $69,000 in 2000 dollars yet we are making less in buy power.  Who is raking in the extra per hour productivity and taking more so we have less???

There are other ways to profit, such as shorting markets, betting that the price will drop.  Not much of a risk when an insider, Bernanke the head of the Federal Reserve made $5 billion shorting the markets in 2008.   Buying up bankrupt businesses, buy assets of foreign countries, and so on. 

Financial and political history has been rewritten,  to sell debt-based currency, need for banking and securities, to bury the possibility of a debt free fiat currency, to promote neoliberalism and its march towards a global government, etc.  Thus, I have two article I wrote in prominent positions, one on the coronavirus, the other on the history of debt-based currency and its tentacles.    

For a very effective and enlightening set of documentaries which set at the economic political reality, for which I will vouch for its accuracy, please click on these links

To learn more about banking with a focus on their history watch the Libertarian documentaries The Secret of Oz and the Money Masters.   It is accurate!!!  For my collection of documentaries on YouTube


Harvard Prof. Dr. Marcia Angell: “We certainly are in a health care crisis, ... If we had set out to design the worst system that we could imagine, we couldn't have imagined one as bad as we have.”