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Recommended section articles with imbedded links  12/22/15


Recommended gateway/rg   gateway      Video Library     Index of articles     JK’s academic background   heart disease scam    Medical association to Challenge Pharma   

Recommended concise/rc   concise    Diet & bad pharma Documentaries       Marketing Science   Side effects       Acetaminophen  /rc/id5.html         anticoagulants     Arrhythmia      aspirin      aspirin’s cancer protection      Aspirin inhibits atherosclerosis     Atherogenesis & MI   Bad Choices Pharma     Cancer Basics & Chemotherapy         CoQ10     Diet    Healthful Choices, Summation    Heart Attack & treatment        HRT           Inositol & Niacin        Seniors, healthful living   Statins    Testosterone     Vitamin C   Why we get fat

Recommended long /rl   long     Atherogenesis & MI             Cancer           Cholesterol Myth     Cholesterol Myth, Source History      Infection in Artery Walls Causes Atherosclerosis    infection in artery wall causes Cardiovascular disease         Hypertension       Side Effects      Definitions of coronary & Diet related terms            Diabetes and obesity 

Recommended healthful diet/rh   healthful     Part 7 Videos food, drugs, health YouTube       Part 8 Videos political YouTube       Concise on diet, good and bad      Part 1  Cardiovascular disease      Part 2   CVD Myths:  fats, sugars, cholesterol and statins      Part 3  Carbohydrates types, tables, MeS           Fats types, tables, MeS        Part 5 Healthful lifestyle:  Diet, supplements, drugs       Part 6  Dietary Health Pandemic      Part 10  Atkins diet obesity, diabetes        Terms related to diet       Evidence for Fasting     Diabetes meds, Bad  medicine

Nontechnical summations/rns nontechnical summation     Diet recommendations and its science         Cardiovascular Disease and drugs           Worst Pills and Why     Best healthful supplements for seniors

Recommended Bad Pharma/rep      why doctors give junk treatments   quotes  Dangerous drugs French book    Guidelines    Bias (32% compared to raw data) and and   Fixing pharma,  Off Label Marketing

Recommended More Bad Pharma/rmbp  The great cholesterol myth Kendrick   Bad Pharma Ben Goldacre, id10;  Overtreatment costs, id8; pelvic screening negative, id9, Testosterone under siege, id12; important endpoints missing, id1;  your prescription info sold, id6; price gouging id5; computerized consultations direct your doctor; pharma, id4; pharm uses press to defend gouging ,id3; death by medicine, id12; 3rd leading cause of death psychiatric drugs—Gotzsche, id13       

Recommended Critics/critics    Peter Gotzsche  Marcia Angell  Ben Goldacre ,  not yet posted  David Healy, Jason Fung, Uffe Ravnskov   

RECOMMENDED ARTICLES ON DIET AND FOODS    /radf    US 2015 dietary guidelines trashed by BMJ, id7;  Ketogenic diet starves cancer, known as Warburg Effect, id 8;  Articles on ketogenic diet—abstracts, id 8; Diet to starve cancer complete, id 10

RECOMMENDED ARTICLES ON DIETARY ISSUES    /radi     Insulin Resistance and fatty live at the heart of the storm, id 1; Excess sugar and fatty at heart of storm, id2;

RECOMMENDED JOURNAL ARTICLES   /raj    Statin drugs don’t  help prevent heart attacks—American Journal of Medicine, id2; LDL immune system role and on liver textbook, id1.html;  LDL lengthens life through ammune function—journal articles, id3; 


RECOMMENDED DIET JOURNAL ARTICLES    /RDJA     Sugar product endorsed AMA, id3; bad fats oxidized polyunsaturated and trans-fats, id4; Fructose and rancid fats causing NAFLD, id5; Bariatric surgery to cure type-2 diabetes, id1; Bariatric surgery in 2 weeks cures fatty liver and fatty pancreas, id6; Rancificationi of polyunsaturated fats in vivo, id2       

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Harvard Prof. Dr. Marcia Angell: “We certainly are in a health care crisis, ... If we had set out to design the worst system that we could imagine, we couldn't have imagined one as bad as we have.”