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Pharma's Two Biggest Scam, heart disease and tranquiliziers

statins partially block this pathway, a bad idea
These products including cholesterol are essential

Major theme:  Cardiovascular disease


Surrogate endpoints that are treated by pharma as though they are the problem which needs fixing.  The biggest family of scams is cardiovascular disease.  The primary cause is infectious agents living within the tunica intima—this has been known for over a hundred years.  Though pharma accepts that atherosclerosis is the result of an immune response, pharma ignores pathogens and treats the bystander cholesterol.  It is the young immature plaque which leaks (like a pimple) that causes over 80% of heart attacks and strokes.  This plaque occludes the coronary artery typical 20%, which is insufficient to show up on an angiogram.  The mature plaque, which has a hard capsule, rarely leaks is what is visible during an angiogram.  Other than managing angina pain, there is no life extending benefit for the invasive angioplasty and bypass operations.  This is because it is the young immature plaque that causes the myocardial infarctions. 

All this entails that corporate medicine is chasing the innocent bystanders, occluded vessels, lipids, hypertension, and cholesterol.  All this is supported by thousands of journal articles and exposed in a number of documentaries.  Like tobacco companies, pharma produces junk science to sell their myths and drugs.  Over a dozen articles in this recommended section expose this multifaceted pharma scam.  This is what we get from the tobacco ethics applied by our corporate system.  This perverse system produces perverse results.

Pharma’s biggest heist:   A Second statement of the above, generated 4 months later in April of 2015—more detailed


Pharma’s biggest heist:  Often bad pharma treats false villains; for example, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension for to prevent heart attacks, rather than the actual villain pathogens living within the artery walls that causes the inflammatory process which produces the young unstable plaque that leaks to cause heart attacks.  It is the pathogens and the immune response that is the main cause cardiovascular disease.  LDL functions as a sponge to bind toxins produced by those pathogens; that is why LDL is found in the artery walls.  Pharma’s control of the production of information entails that the research confirming the role of pathogens and LDL is buried beneath mountains of tobacco science on cholesterol. Moreover cholesterol is only a fraction of what constitutes plaque.  Dr. Sinatra states that “blaming cholesterol is like blaming the fireman for the fire.”   If a sufficient amount of plaque matures and hardens, it is diagnosed as atherosclerosis, which causes hypertension.  Not surprisingly their drugs which lower cholesterol don’t prevent atherosclerosis because they don’t affect the immune system’s reaction to pathogens. This is confirmed by 3 out 4 major clinical trials on statins.  In a cardiology textbook, Braunwald 8th edition (p. 1085), they failed to save lives.  The surrogate endpoint lowered cholesterol does not save lives, though pharma of course hawks this relationship.    Though sold as safe and effective (pharma’s mantra), they aren’t. The critics who expose the cholesterol myth, statin side effects are ignored, especially in the US.  In the UK there are two documentaries on statins, and the Australia Broadcast Corporation has 2 documentary programs.  Unfortunately patients and doctors hear a thousand about the villains and just a couple of times that it is a myth; thus few people will look deep enough to recognize tobacco science and then cast off the myths.  Myths, as is the case with cigarettes (link to 1922 summary on tobacco), takes more than a few critics to critics to change beliefs.

And it gets worse:  the best way to lower the risk is for the elderly to take a high dose aspirin twice daily and also hormone replacement therapy.  Tobacco science has been used to “prove” high dose aspirin and natural male and female hormones are dangerous.  Pharma’s key opinion leaders and the NIH teach doctors that those drugs are dangerous: yes they harm profits and the drugs pharma pushes are not worth their side effects. 

It is a bad idea to block the mevalonate pathway (above) with Statins .   Click on the link then watch the videos on cardiovascular disease at

An even bigger scam measured both in dollars and herm done is that of the use of tranquilizers and sedatives to treat not just neurotic and psychotic behavior but an assortment of other ailments including tobacco addiction, pain, muscle spasm, restless legs syndrome, hypertension, seizures, premenstrual syndrome, and an assortment of side effects brought on by drug usage.  Among the classes of drugs included are the antidopaminergics, antiemetics, anti-seizure, antihistamines,[1] and antipsychotics.  All these drugs interfere with the functions of neurotransmitters and has a tranquilizing effect. So too does 3 popular recreational drugs (opiates, marijuana, and ethanol).   For a very significant percentage of users these drugs are life shattering; they exacerbate the neurotic behavior.  If you want to know more there are a number of documentaries on YouTube, go to my video page section #5 to find descriptions with links, and to my book page for descriptions of books. 

This pattern of creating illness and of treating signs of pathology rather than the cause is repeated every time it is more profitable in the short term.  For example the guideline approved treatment for osteoporosis increases bone density but does not reduce fractures because the drugs done improve bone remodeling.  Drugs for type-2 diabetes lower blood sugar, but don’t treat either insulin resistance.  These drugs don’t reduce the incidences of heart attacks or other ischemic events.  Hypertension is a sign in 90% of the cases of atherosclerosis, lower blood pressure with guideline approved drugs doesn’t slow the progression of atherosclerosis.    

[1]  Antihistamines were widely prescribe in high doses to treat psychosis in the 50s through 70s, then replaced by a newer generation of patented drugs, the diazepam class, which in turn has been replaced by the SSRIs.  All these families of drugs are equally ineffective, addicting, and life shattering—though of course when patented they are both safer and more effective.  

The methods used for marketing statins reveal how pharma functions.  The treatments for other heart issues are treated.  I have exposed the tobacco science used, topics:  anticoagulants , Arrhythmia, Atherogenesis & MI,  Cholesterol Myth,  Heart Attack & treatment,  Hypertension    


Harvard Prof. Dr. Marcia Angell: “We certainly are in a health care crisis, ... If we had set out to design the worst system that we could imagine, we couldn't have imagined one as bad as we have.”